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Why You Should Choose Steel For Your Industrial Building

Choosing an industrial building is a very important decision for many individuals and organisations. There are various factors you must take into account when you decide what building is right for you. Primarily, you need to consider the materials used to develop and construct your industrial building. You have plenty to choose from, so which material is best?

In this piece, we will argue the case for steel as your choice during industrial building construction. It has many interesting properties that make it a popular choice for lots of people seeking a new industrial building. 

What Is An Industrial Building?

Of course, we should begin by talking about industrial buildings themselves. Primarily, what are they, and what categorises something as an industrial building? Essentially, this term refers to any buildings that are used in heavy-duty environments.

For example, you may find industrial buildings that house factories or act as vehicle storage. They might be used to keep large quantities of industrial equipment, or they may even be found at the bottom of a quarry being used as a storage building!

Why Choose Steel For Your Industrial Building?

Now, we move onto the main matter at hand; why should you use steel for your industrial building? On the face of it, steel is a very common material that’s used in so many different structures. But, what makes it so great for industrial building design?

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Extremely Flexible & Versatile

It’s clear that there are many different uses for an industrial building. The examples we provided show how it can be used across different industries for various purposes. As such, one organisation may demand an industrial building structure that’s entirely different from another.

The great thing about steel is that it allows us to vary our designs depending on each individual’s needs. Steel is flexible in that it can be cut into different shapes and bent in various ways. This provides the extreme versatility that you don’t get from other building materials. We can build structures with traditional slanted roofs and ones with arched and rounded roofs. We can adapt the space inside each structure, and we can easily modify them to suit your needs.

There are almost no restrictions on how versatile steel is with regards to industrial building design. Regardless of what the building is used for, there’s always a way to create a design that works and provides ample room inside.

Offers A Long-Lasting Solution

Steel is brilliant in that it will last for a very long time before it loses its durability. Most of the structures we produce come with a 25-year rust-through perforation warranty. This means that your industrial building is covered against signs of rust for at least a quarter of a century. However, the reality is that the rust-free period is actually much longer than this. You don’t get this kind of rust-proofing with other metal options when building an industrial complex.

In turn, this provides a huge benefit to your organisation in that it makes the building very cost-effective. There are people that might be wary of steel frame buildings as steel itself is more expensive than other raw materials. The difference is that steel will last much longer than anything else. So, you may pay more now, but it will prove its worth over time and be the more valuable option for your company.

Very Little Maintenance

A lot of organisations may choose a material that’s cheap, but requires lots of additional maintenance. There are other metals that require constant care and attention to protect it from rust and damage. With steel, you barely need to maintain it at all. In fact, our buildings use a superior steel material that has a near lifelong durability. As a result, it doesn’t require any maintenance at all.

You will never have to go outside and layer over thick coats of paint from time to time. There will be no worry of the material deteriorating, so it’s a massive burden off your back. This can help you save lots of money on maintenance costs over the course of the building’s lifespan.

An Environmentally-Friendly Option For Your Organisation

Industrial buildings are often used by organisations that are increasingly under the microscope from environmental agencies. The very nature of industrial work means that it’s not the best for the environment. Consequently, if your company can find ways to make your organisation greener, it will reflect well on you.

Choosing steel for your industrial building can do just that. Believe it or not, but this material is a very sustainable option when constructing industrial structures. Steel is one of the most widely recycled materials on the planet. Unused steel can easily be turned into something else and utilised by somebody else.  In essence, your industrial building is almost entirely recyclable and reusable once you’re done with it. This makes it the perfect choice in industries where buildings are constructed temporarily. Your building can even be taken back down and used again for a different project.

Furthermore, one of the big problems with industrial building construction is that you can end up with lots of waste materials. Some construction methods mean that a building can be constructed only to find that you have a surplus of materials that now go to waste. With a steel industrial building, this is never the case. Firstly, all our steel buildings are cut using machines and computers to ensure all the pieces are the perfect size. We design them beforehand to ensure we only use what we need. This will completely eradicate any waste products, which is good for the environment. But, in the very rare case that a mistake is made and too much steel is cut, it can just be re-used!

Easy To Build

When you order an industrial building, you want it to be built as quickly as possible. Many organisations work in fast-paced industries and can’t wait around for too long. Some structures can take months to build and might even run into problems along the way.

Steel buildings are the complete opposite of this. As we just mentioned, the design of your industrial building is taken care of before the actual construction. We cut all the individual pieces and bring them to your site. In some cases, parts of the building may be partially assembled to make things even easier. Then, it’s simply a case of fitting the parts together and ensuring they’re nice and secure.

There are no waiting times when we arrive on-site, it’s all good to go and can be built as quickly as can be to ensure you have your industrial building ready and waiting. This quick construction time also helps contribute to the cost-effectiveness mentioned earlier. We don’t take long to put your building up – and we don’t need many workers – meaning you pay less.

Fireproof Material

Industrial work can sometimes be dangerous, and there might be accidents that happen or problems that occur. The fire hazards in industrial organisations are much higher than regular commercial ones. As such, you need a building that’s safe and fireproof.

A steel industrial building provides both safety and great fire-resilience. It’s almost impossible for a steel building to catch fire, meaning one will never spread.

To summarise, there are lots of reasons you should choose steel for your industrial building. It’s simply the only material that can provide this many amazing benefits. Steel is cost-effective, safe, durable, rust-proof and sustainable. As if that wasn’t enough, it also makes your industrial building easy to construct and offers barely any maintenance. Steel ticks all the boxes and addresses all the major concerns when choosing a material for your industrial building.

Which Type Of Steel Building Should You Choose?

One of the big benefits of steel industrial buildings is that they’re versatile. We spoke about this earlier, and there are a couple of options at your disposal when choosing a steel building. There’s a standard straight-wall building, often referred to as a portal frame, and there’s an arched steel building.

Both of these will still offer all the great benefits of a steel industrial building. However, there are subtle differences between the two that might make one structure more ideal for you.

Portal Frame Steel Building

This is considered the traditional type of steel frame building as is used for many industrial applications. Typically, these buildings look a lot like large metal houses. They have straight walls and a pitched roof that angles downwards. You usually have a guttering system in place with these to help clear away running water during rainy days. While the steel itself doesn’t require maintenance, the gutters will need regular cleaning to avoid blockages.

In general, it’s a very strong and sturdy structure. A portal frame industrial building follows a very basic design concept. You have your columns coming up from the foundations, and beams supported on top of them. Brackets are used to increase the stability and strength of the construction.

They’re easy to construct, the materials are simple to cut, and they’re very versatile when it comes to modifying the inside. There is a drawback with this design in that you end up with a lot of wasted space inside the building. The columns can get in your way, and the beams mean you miss out on storage space at the top of the structure.

Arched Steel Building

Our company specialises in this second option, which is an arched frame steel building. It’s a more modern approach and offers a few additional benefits to traditional steel buildings. Our structures are based on the famous Quonset hut. This was a military structure developed in the 1940’s during the First World War. They were popular because they could easily be constructed without much training, and were lightweight as well as being very durable.

We’ve translated these effects to the present day with our arched steel frame building. Instead of the traditional columns and beams, we use sheets of steel that arch over to create the building structure. Each row results in the building getting longer in size, and they’re bolted together to create a typical military barracks effect.

Thanks to the way these are constructed, they actually provide more stability and strength than traditional portal frame buildings. In fact, they’re virtually indestructible! What’s more, there’s no need for guttering as water can just run off the roof with ease. This means there’s no maintenance to worry about at all as the steel also doesn’t require any care. To make things even better, they require way fewer parts than traditional straight-wall steel buildings, which means the cost of them is reduced considerably.

As a knock-on effect, this means you can purchase a much bigger industrial building for the same price as a smaller one designed using portal frames. Speaking of size, the space inside these industrial building types is much greater thanks to the absence of beams and columns. There’s nothing getting in your way, which means you can make the most out of all the space you’re given. This is ideal for organisations that need an industrial building to store multiple large items.

By comparing the two building types, you can see that arched steel buildings are likely the better option. While the traditional steel building structure does still provide all the advantages we spoke about earlier, the arched version improves on them. If you want a building that provides a lot of space, is cheap to buy, only takes a few weeks to erect, and requires no maintenance, then the arched style is perfect for you.

The great thing is, our arched steel buildings have been used for so many different industrial applications. Referring back to one of the earlier points, this shows how versatile steel is. Regardless of your area of work, we can provide an industrial building for you.

To sum everything up, there is no better option than choosing steel for your industrial building. You won’t find another material that can compete with everything that steel offers. Additionally, our specialised arched steel frames take this material to the next level. For great savings, and a building that will last a lifetime, make the right choice and get an arched steel frame industrial building.

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