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The Benefits Of A Steel Frame Building

The construction industry has benefitted from various advances over the years. One of the more recent advances is the use of a steel frame building in construction. Steel has long been recognised as a building material with lots of excellent properties. However, by using it as part of the framework for a building, these properties are heightened, and even more benefits are found.

Throughout the course of this article, we will discuss all the major benefits of a steel frame building, and why you might want to choose one of these buildings over other options. We’ll also look at the different types of steel framed building construction, as you have plenty of choices when opting for one of these buildings. 

What Is A Steel Frame Building?

Before we get into all the advantages and different building types, it’s important to know what a steel frame building actually is. To put it simply, it’s a building that’s constructed with a steel outer shell – or frame. This differs from other methods of building construction that might use concrete as the outer framework, or wood if you were building a barn, etc.

The Main Benefits Of A Steel Frame Building

Numerous benefits of steel frame building construction make it a far superior option to any others mentioned already. Furthermore, all the benefits target the main concerns most people have with building construction; cost, durability, safety, and so on. The following section will walk you through each and every benefit, explaining why a steel frame is such a great choice.

steel frame building construction

Steel Frame Building Construction Q-model

Great Value For Money & Cost Effectiveness

The top advantage for some is how cost-effective steel frame buildings are to construct. Naturally, steel frame buildings prices will fluctuate depending on the company doing the construction, the size of the building, etc. However, it’s generally figured that one of these buildings will cost considerably less than the construction of an identical building using more traditional materials and methods.

How is this possible? Ultimately, there are a few things that factor into the construction process and bring down the steel frame building cost. The first of which is that these buildings are precision engineered depending on each project. The steel is preformed perfectly to suit every construction, meaning there is almost no waste at all. Many construction companies will literally throw away money when constructing a traditional building as they end up with excess amounts of cement, bricks – you name it. By minimising waste, the whole construction of the building is cheaper, and the building itself can be offered for a much lower price.

Then, you factor in employee costs. A traditional building may require numerous employees working around the clock to construct a building out of bricks and cement. With a steel frame building, fewer employees are required, and the construction time is a lot quicker. This means fewer wages need to be paid, which will again drop down the cost of constructing a single building.

To add to this, our steel frame buildings cost even less than regular steel frame buildings due to the technology we use. Our company uses an arch configuration which means we bolt together rows of arches, providing fewer individual parts. With fewer parts, it cuts construction costs even further, making our buildings highly affordable for all customers.

Steel frame buildings are cost-effective for both construction teams and clients. By reducing the cost of constructing the buildings, it enables our company to offer them at much lower prices than constructing a traditional building.

Incredibly Quick To Construct

It was touched upon in the above point, but a massive benefit of steel frame buildings is that they’re quick to construct. Again, this revolves around the fact that very few individual parts are required. Especially for our special arch configuration buildings. Plus, the actual act of constructing a steel frame building is fairly simple. There’s no need to waste time mixing cement or being extremely precise with bricklaying. The steel frames are prefabricated and bolted together, it’s really as simple as that.

Speaking of the steel frames, they’re preformed and designed before they arrive on-site. This means they arrive and already have all the materials cut and ready to erect. There’s very little waiting around, and everything can get started from the moment we arrive.

quick construct steel frame buildings

Quick Construct Steel Frame Buildings Being Erected

Remarkably Strong & Durable

When constructing any building, you want to use materials that are strong and durable. Otherwise, your building could easily collapse or suffer damages whenever it’s put under stressful conditions.

With steel frame buildings, you get something that’s remarkably strong and unbelievably durable. Steel has forever been praised for its incredible strength and how resistant it is in bad weather conditions. A steel building will provide you with a structure that won’t buckle under stormy conditions and will hold its own during high winds. What’s more, our steel frame buildings are even stronger than traditional ones. The arch buildings we construct contain special corrugation in each arch. This really reinforces the structure and makes it near enough indestructible. We use a heavy gauge steel of a high grade to add to the durability and strength of our constructions.

Following on from this, our buildings were actually developed in Canada, under extreme weather conditions. They’ve been tested to stand some of the worst weather imaginable, from hurricanes to snowstorms; they’re built to last.

Not only that, but steel has proven to be rust-resistant and very long-lasting. Again, we take things to the next level by using a special type of steel that’s seven times more rust resistant than the regular steel used in traditional steel frame buildings. As a consequence, our structures have the additional benefit of not requiring maintenance. Therefore, they last for an incredibly long time, and you aren’t required to constantly worry about maintaining the quality of the steel.

Very Safe

A steel frame building also has the benefit of being a very safe structure. Steel has the unique property of being fire-resistant, which is a big advantage when building an industrial structure. If mistakes are made, and a fire starts, the building won’t go up in flames. The structure remains perfectly intact, and the fire can be contained.

This makes it a lot easier to deal with any fires that might occur, without worrying about how quickly it can spread. More to the point, it also protects you from any fires on the outside of the building. If a fire happens to occur next to your steel frame building, everyone and everything inside will be protected as the structure should not catch fire.

As a bonus, steel frame buildings are impenetrable for vermin. There’s no worry about rats or rodents chewing their way through the steel frames or finding little holes to crawl through. As such, your building is also safe from unwanted visitors.

Environmentally Sustainable

One benefit of steel framed building construction that’s rarely mentioned is how sustainable it is. When you use traditional construction methods, you can’t really re-use any of the materials that are involved in the process. With steel frame buildings, the steel sheets can be reused if required.

It’s a material that lasts a very long time and is easily recycled too. In theory, you could construct a steel frame building and use it for as long as you like, then strip it down and recycle the parts. In a world where environmental sustainability is a primary concern, this is a very welcome benefit.

Speaking about the environmental friendliness of steel frame buildings, there’s an additional benefit to them too. They’re very energy efficient, which makes them a green choice compared to other options. Steel has the ability to both retain and reflect heat. When the sun is shining outside, the structure reflects heat away, meaning everyone inside remains nice and cool. This reduces the need to install expensive and energy-sapping air conditioning units. Similarly, when it’s cold, the building retains heat from inside it. As such, you don’t need to turn on huge heaters full blast to keep everyone warm.

Steel frame buildings are simply the best option for the environment at this particular time.

Easy To Modify

Another little-known benefit of steel frame buildings is how easy they are to modify. People often change their mind about everything. So, it’s not surprising that some people may order a building, then realise they need additional space or want the design altered. If you use traditional construction methods, modifying a building can be very difficult and time-consuming.

On the other hand, a steel frame building is easy to modify. This goes back to the actual construction of the building in the first place. The use of steel makes it easy to take some apart and expand an area. This means that if you need more space in the future, you don’t have to worry about huge construction work disrupting you for a long time.

Clearly, there are many benefits of a steel frame building. It’s a construction option that’s very easy to put together, meaning there’s an extremely quick construction time. Add to this the fact that it’s cost-effective, provides a durable & safe structure, and is also sustainable. All in all, you’ve got yourself a very good building option.

Different Types Of Steel Frame Buildings

As mentioned right at the beginning of this piece, there are different steel frame constructions out there. Our company offers three different options for you to choose from:

P-Model Building

This steel frame building closely resembles a typical house structure. There are high, straight, walls with an angled roof style. The size of the building varies depending on what it’s used for.

S-Model Building

The second type of building we have is similar to the first in that it has a high sidewall clearance and plenty of width. The difference comes in the structure of the roof, which uses our arched steel technology. The roof is rounded, which provides more vertical space, and can offer plenty of storage high up.

Q-Model Building

Finally, we have the Q-Model, which is an entirely rounded structure. Standing outside the building and looking at the front doors, you will see it looks like a half moon shape. There are no straight walls, it has a large arch going from floor to floor. It gets its name as the structure is based loosely on the Quonset hut used during the first and second World Wars by various armies. There’s ample room inside, and it offers the most width out of all the options available.

In essence, this shows a further benefit of steel frame buildings; versatility. You’re not restricted to one particular structure, there are different options to suit different needs. Regardless of what your requirements are, one of these steel frame building types will suit you perfectly. Additionally, you have a choice of sizes to suit your needs too. The more space you need, the bigger the structure can be.

You don’t always get this level of versatility with other buildings. Or, if different options are offered, they’re usually more expensive as extra work is required and it can take longer. Not with steel buildings, it’s still quick to construct the building regardless of which option you choose.


In summary, there are different steel frame buildings you can choose from, and they all provide exceptional benefits. Opting for one of these structures over a different type of building can save you a lot of money in the long-term. It will also give you a green construction option, and an energy efficient building. Plus, you don’t have to wait a long time for the construction to be complete, everything happens quickly. To make things even better, a steel frame building is one of the most durable options out there, and will also provide a high level of safety.

In short, there are many benefits of a steel frame building that make it a unique and desirable option for people across various industries. Factor in our unique arched steel buildings and you’ll see increased cost-effectiveness and even more durability.

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