steel framed buildings

Our unique steel framed buildings cost considerably less than traditional buildings

Our steel framed buildings are genuinely unique! This is because of the existence of an arch configuration as opposed to the use of traditional inferior primary/secondary framing + flimsy metal sheeting elements typically found on standard steel framed buildings. With our buildings, rows of arches are bolted together to form the entire frame structure of the building, with each row increasing its length. Being prefabricated, with minimal individual parts, it dramatically reduces steel framed buildings prices overall. These 'arched' buildings are exceptionally strong compared to traditional straight-wall buildings. Plus they are supplied factory-direct which saves you even more!

Buildings can be delivered within only a couple of weeks and erected in days - thanks to the arch design

Once again, the arch configuration separates us from the rest. Erecting one of these steel framed buildings is embarrassingly simple, fast and consequently low-cost (especially when compared with a traditional alternative). The preformed design, with its simple bolt-together design, means that assembly is not an expensive and lengthy full-scale construction project, like found with traditional steel buildings. For example, a large storage warehouse can be built within less than a week and doesn't even require a crane. Our experienced and trusted contractor can take care of everything, resulting in huge savings.

steel frame buildings kits with arch design
indestructible steel framed buildings

Our steel framed buildings are virtually indestructible, fire-resistant and long-lasting

Unlike traditional steel-framed buildings with flimsy metal sheeting, arched buildings feature a special corrugation that behaves like thousands of reinforcing beams. Originally developed in Canada to withstand extreme weather conditions, they have wind and snow loadings suitable for any part of the world and are therefore designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions on earth including heavy snow, hurricanes, typhoons, tornadoes, cyclones and even earthquakes. Buildings are made of a high grade, heavy gauge steel and meet all applicable compliance and building codes requirements, as well as being fire-resistant and vermin proof.

Buildings are completely clear-span thanks to having no internal posts, trusses or beams

Our steel framed buildings are entirely free from any internal posts, beams or pillars; providing complete and total usable open space. This is thanks to the arch structure requiring no structural framework, as each overlapping arch panel simulates a beam running every 2’ along the length and also simulates a reinforcing plate where the panels bolt together. This means that internal space can be maximised, entry and internal maneuverability is not obstructed as well as allowing greater flexibility for the desired internal layout of the building. Also, because of the absence of trusses, there is nowhere for birds to perch and nest. 

clear span industrial buildings
galvalume steel rust resistant coating

Made of steel that is 7-times more rust-resistant than Galvanised and doesn't require maintenance

Our buildings are made of a superior material that is seven times more rust-resistant than galvanised; Galvalume Steel®. This steel alloy has been developed to give lifelong durability. These AZ55 Galvalume® panels come with a 25-year limited rust-through perforation warranty and only the best commercial Galvalume® steel is used in our buildings, as opposed to commonly imported cheap steel. No regular painting or maintenance is required, nor is there any upkeep of gutters or drainpipes as these are not required in these arched buildings due to the arches chanelling away the snow and rain. The Galvalume® forms a practically impassable armour against rust.

Some other features/benefits of our steel framed buildings

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    Unlimited lengths: Buildings can have unlimited lengths by adding endless rows of arches.
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    Increase size in the future: Additional rows of arches can be added in the future, easily and cheaply.
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    Permanent or temporary: These permanent structures can also be portable and used for temporary applications and then moved.
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    Leak proof: Buildings are waterproof and therefore perfect for storage of valuable assets.
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    Cheap to deliver: The panels are transported in small individual pieces meaning buildings can be delivered at low-cost due to not requiring multiple large lorries.
quonset hut unlimited lengths

3 different models of steel frame buildings


p-model steel framed buildings

​​​​​​​​A house-shaped pitched roof style with high sidewall clearance

  • Widths from 16'
  • Heights from 12'
  • Lengths from 20'


s-model steel framed buildings

A rounded roof with high sidewall clearance and vertical storage

  • Widths from 10'
  • Heights from 11'
  • Lengths from 20'


q-model steel framed buildings

​​​​​​​​A round design popular where requiring wide clearance

  • Widths from 20'
  • Heights from 10'
  • Lengths from 20'

Various steel framed building applications 

commercial buildings


Our commercial buildings are available in large and small sizes (even with unlimited lengths) and popular uses include: Warehousing with offices, storage, commercial units, depots, retail units. garages and many other uses.

industrial buildings


With our industrial buildings you get an immensely strong building that is virtually indestructible and fire resistant, Popular uses include: Vehicle dismantling, industrial storage, secure housing of sensitive materials and much more.

agricultural buildings


Our agricultural buildings are popular for: Livestock, as a sheep shed, chicken shed, straw barn, hay barn, grain store, silage clamp, farm workshop and machinery building, equestrian menage / indoor school and stables.

warehouses and manufacturing buildings


Due to the clearspan design of our buildings, they make the perfect solution for warehouse and manufacturing buildings due to not having any obstructions. Our buildings are a great choice for factories / manufacturing plants.


Workshops are a popular application for our buildings. This includes many different types of uses, such as: Car repairs and maintenance, auto electricians, service units, wood workers, engineering works as well as many other options.

storage buildings


Our storage buildings are safe and secure and have plenty of open space. Popular uses includes: Haulage (lorries and equipment), coaches, vehicles, racing cars, machinery shelters, large carports, garages as we as other general storage.

aircraft hangar


An aircraft hanger that is column-free with unlimited lengths to provide sufficient space for: Helicopters, planes, gliders, commercial aircraft and military aircraft. Buildings can also have room for offices, maintenance and storage for tools and equipment. 

clubs and leisure facilities steel frame buildings


Our buildings can be used for clubs & sports facilities, small and large. This includes: Gymnasiums, swimming pools, sports pavilions villages halls, club houses, sports clubs storage, indoor football pitches, tennis / badminton and many more applications.


Steel framed buildings in an arch-configuration cost considerably less. Click the button below to get a free, no obligation quotation.