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Do You Need a Second Garage Just for Your Vehicles?

The average family owns two cars, yet most people can’t park one car in their garage because it’s too crowded with other junk.

Sound like a familiar problem? 

Very few vehicles truly have the safe storage they need, especially when it comes to recreational vehicles like RVs, boats, dirt bikes, motorcycles, ATVs, classic cars, and other fun toys.

So what are you supposed to do when getting the kids to clean out the garage doesn’t solve your vehicle storage problem?

Arch-style steel carport kits make the perfect DIY vehicle shelter.

Whether you have multiple vehicles or several toys, today we’re going to talk about why homeowners consider a prefab metal Quonset kit a must for their vehicle storage needs.

An Option to Protect Recreational Vehicles from Nature’s Elements

Hurricanes, tornadoes, hail, fire, snow, the burning hot rays of the sun beating down in the summer — think your car likes sitting outside during all these harsh events?

A prefab garage will protect your vehicles from nature’s fury.

No more worrying about what’s going to happen to all your expensive vehicles if there’s a wildfire or flash flood on your street.

You’ll also be able to control the temperature inside (relatively speaking) of your metal garage unlike leaving your vehicles outside in the sweltering heat or damaging freeze zone.

And say goodbye to cleaning bird droppings off your vintage car’s finish.

Metal Quonset huts put all your vehicles in a steel bubble of protection.

Bring it on, Mother Nature.

A Prefab Quonset Garage Will Also Guard Against Vermin

Rodents and insects looking for warm, dry places to hide will love the cozy abodes the insides of your vehicles make when they’re left outside.

And with all the crevices to crawl in and wires to chew on, good luck getting rid of them.

On the other hand, you could store your vehicles in a steel garage to provide a solid steel barrier between your babies and vermin.

You and Your Active Family Will Be Ready-to-Go All Season Long

You and your family don’t use all your sweet vehicles at the same time, but they’re probably taking up valuable space in your attached garage or around your property all the time anyway.

Adding a steel garage to separate your RV, convertible, four-wheelers, and other recreational vehicles will free up space so the bikes/canoes/skis don’t fall over and damage your vehicles.


No more figuring out how to get the ATVs out from behind the camping gear, or wondering if someone thin enough can make their way around the RV to grab the wet towels you had forgotten.

The vehicles in your steel garage will also have more room to stay organised so you’ll be ready to go whenever.

Give all your toys easy access and watch how much more time you and your family will spend using them.

A Steel Garage Gives You Space You Need to Work

Our customers most commonly use their new metal buildings to store their RVs, boats and other vehicles.

But many choose to fit their prefab metal kits according to the size of their property, not according to how big their vehicles are or how many vehicles they currently have.

This gives them the ability to store new toys down the line and gives them room to keep their tools, cleaning supplies, spare tires, and other associated items together.

If you like working on your cars, having the extra space to dig in and get your hands dirty will make a huge difference for your hobby.

Design your personal garage nirvana for all your vintage cars, classic motorcycles, and other playthings and you may never leave it.

Traditional RV and Boat Storage Doesn’t Come Cheap

The biggest hurdle to owning a boat or RV (besides the initial price tag) is the issue of where to store it when you’re not cruising out on the water or on the road.

Trailering your boat and storing it in your prefab metal building is by far the least expensive way to protect your seaside chariot.

Plus, keeping it on your property means you can take it out whenever the weather’s nice.

You don’t have to call the marina ahead of time or drive in traffic to your parking lot or storage facility to pick it up.

The same goes for RV owners who experience the hassle of finding a parking space big enough for their highway haven.

Don’t scramble at the end of every camping season trying to figure out where you’re going to park your giant RV road home.

Prefab metal garage kits can be customised large enough to hold most boats, RVs, and even small aircraft.

So create a long term storage solution for your big vehicles with a prefab steel garage instead.

Your Pricey Investments Deserve Safety and Protection

The average car is many thousands of pounds and RV prices are sometimes more than houses.

We’re talking about expensive toys, here.

Leaving your vehicles outside will deteriorate the finish of all these purchases, no matter how many times you wax on and wax off.

One of the biggest factors in your vehicle’s resale value is the exterior.

You don’t want your investments to further depreciate in value just because they’re sitting outside unprotected.

And what about the potential for theft, vandalism, and nature’s unpredictability (like floods, fires, and falling trees)?

Not many vehicles are protected from disasters like these even though they have the potential to wreak havoc on your wallet just to repair them.

Store your investments safely where they belong — on your property, inside a strong metal carport you built with your own two hands.

Avoid the Temptation to Store Your Vehicles at a Self-Storage Facility, Parking Lot, etc.

Why spend your hard-earned cash every month renting one of these spaces without earning anything in return?

Why deal with rules and fees many storage facilities have about storing gas tanks, batteries, and other fluids like oil when finding a home for your vehicles?

RV owners should expect to pay a small fortune every year to rent a parking space for their RV.

On top of that, some storage places have super narrow entrances that make manoeuvring bulky ATVs, parking RVs and keeping your classic car scratch-free a major challenge.

For less than a monthly storage payment, you could be paying to own your very own custom garage building and not deal with these headaches.

Instead of wondering how you’re going to get or fit your vehicles in a storage cubby, you can design your prefab steel Quonset hut kit according to your property’s unique size or your vehicle collection.

Create a steel building garage with wide entrances for easy access and never deal with a cleaning fee, unfair rate increase, and other nightmares of self-storage and parking.

After all, you can’t park your vehicles any closer to home than right on your property.

Prefab Steel Quonset Kits are the Perfect Solution for Vehicle Storage — Especially if You Have More than One

Anyone can build a metal garage from Adaptive Steel Buildings.

Just grab a couple of your friends or family members and in less than a few days — and without any heavy lifting gear or skilled contractors — you’ll have your very own customised steel garage.

Since there are no interior poles, beams, or structural components to take away from your space, you can configure a prefab metal garage to house all your current and future vehicles and use every inch that you’ve paid for.

Choose Adaptive Steel Buildings for Your New Prefab Steel Garage and Protect Your Vehicles ASAP

Our Quonset huts are made of the highest grade heavy gauge steel, which you’re not going to find if you go with a cheaper metal shed alternative.

Less expensive metal garages are easily damaged and sometimes even blown over in severe weather conditions.

You definitely don’t want that just to save a few pennies.

That’s why each of our steel buildings is made using high-quality Galvalume Steel®, a special steel alloy developed to provide lifelong durability.

The unique corrugation acts like thousands of reinforced steel beams for the ultimate in strength.

Galvalume® steel is comprised of a specialised, patented alloy coating on the metal that makes it 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanised steel and way tougher against corrosion.

Our prefab metal buildings are virtually indestructible, maintenance-free, and have been designed to withstand fire, the wind, and snow load.

As you can see, our metal Quonset huts are affordable, easy to build and come in different sizes and models.

That means you’ll be able to customise and DIY your steel garage to your preferred layout.

Contact Adaptive Steel Buildings now for a free no-obligation quote to discuss the garage you’ve always dreamed about!

What type of vehicles are you going to store in your new prefab metal garage? We’d love to know!

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