If you are seeking out a steel building that is able to withstand the harshest of conditions, then our Quonset Hut Arched Steel Buildings are the buildings of choice for you. The buildings have impressive wind and snow loadings and are also fire resistant. Added this is 100% usable space and a simple to erect system with no skilled contractors needed. Buildings are also considerably more affordable than alternatives.

More affordable than conventional options

Our Quonset Hut arched steel buildings are prefabricated and offer huge cost savings due to the uniquely simple manufacturing process of an arch configuration. Simply put, there are fewer individual parts to manufacture than conventional alternatives and this means bigger savings for you. We deliver country-wide (regularly within 2 weeks) and at factory-direct prices. We also utilise co-shipments, saving you even more money.

quonset hut

Free from internal posts, beams or trusses

Thanks to the arch structure requiring no structural framework the buildings have no beams, trusses or posts and allow for a complete use of interior space. This means absolutely no wasted space or obstruction to bringing in large objects. Despite this lack of framework, buildings are incredibly strong due to a unique corrugation that acts like thousands of reinforcing steel beams.

No skilled contractors or heavy lifting gear

Thanks to the arch-style and prefabricated design, there is no skilled labour required for assembly or any heavy lifting gear (such as a crane). Our Quonset Hut Kits can be rapidly bolted together and erected in a matter of days. DIY buyers can do this with the help of just a few friends and therefore construction costs are significantly less than conventional building construction.

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A choice of 4 different Quonset Hut models

A choice of 4 different models with differing profiles, widths from 10’, heights from 10’ and all with unlimited lengths. Suitable for backyard garages or aircraft hangars.


p-model quonset hut

A popular traditional house-shaped pitched roof and high sidewall clearance.

Available sizes:

Widths from 16', heights from 12' and unlimited lengths increasing in 2' increments.


q-model quonset hut

A round design most popular with farm, military or industrial applications.

Available sizes:

Widths from 20', heights from 10' and unlimited lengths increasing in 2' increments.


s-model quonset hut

A rounded roof with high sidewall clearance for maximum vertical storage.

Available sizes:

Widths from 10', heights from 11' and unlimited lengths increasing in 2' increments.

What is a Quonset Hut steel building?

Quonset Huts are a prefabricated steel buildings with an arch configuration. There are two main elements to an arch-style building: (1) the arches; and (2) the end walls. The arch comes in various widths & heights and each arch is 2' in depth (length). This means, by bolting arches together, buildings can be unlimited in length, increasing in 2’ increments. The arches and end walls are shipped in small individual panels that are easily and rapidly bolted together.

quonset hut building kit
metal farm building kits

Almost indestructible and fire resistant

Our Quonset Hut buildings are made of the highest grade heavy gauge steel, unlike cheap alternatives such as carport tin sheds that are easily damaged and blown over in harsher conditions. They are virtually indestructible as they are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions with wind and snow loadings as well as being completely fire resistant. Whether it is the building of Quonset Hut Homes or heavy industrial metal buildings, our range of buildings are designed to remain standing in the most adverse conditions.

7 times more rust resistant than galvanised

Each steel building is made of superior Galvalume Steel®, a special steel alloy developed to provide lifelong durability. Only prime Galvalume® steel is used, comprised of a specialised patented alloy coating on the metal virtually impervious to corrosion and 7 times more rust resistant than galvanised.

quonset garage

A few more Quonset Hut things to note

  • All buildings come with significant warranties
  • Sizes can be increased by adding more arches in the future
  • The buildings are virtually maintenance free as the Galvalume Steel® requires no regular painting or maintenance
  • Buildings can also be suitable for temporary use, being engineered to be portable as well as permanent
  • A concrete slab is not a requirement, but in many cases buildings can be fixed or bolted to an existing concrete pad


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