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A Nissen Hut Crossed With A Quonset Hut Makes A Very Happy Compromise

Steel buildings with an arch configuration are an incredibly useful kind of building to have, and they serve a variety of purposes. These are typically in the form of a Nissen hut and also a Quonset hut. They are often one of the cheapest possible types of building to get your hands on, and yet they often deliver well on quality and durability. A steel frame building can be the ideal solution for a business looking to build a warehouse, factory or other unit. They can also be useful in many areas of industry, where they have been used for such a wide variety of purposes that it would be impossible to list them all.

Some of the best steel hut options are those which come pre-fabricated, and built directly from the factory. These can be a great way for a business to get the ball rolling while still saving some money, and it is easy to see why this might have become quite so popular, especially over the last couple of decades or so. With all the benefits of this type of manufactured building, it looks as though their use is only going to increase year after year. 

But not all steel arch buildings are made equal. As it happens, there are two main types of steel hut – the Nissen hut (sometimes referred to as a Nissan hut) and the Quonset hut. Comparing and evaluating the two could give us an insight into the benefits of each, and we might even discover that there is a happy medium between them too. Let’s take a look in some detail at the basic design and many benefits of these two types of arch steel building, starting with the ever-popular Nissen hut.

The Nissen Hut

Nissen huts are an extremely common and popular type of steel arch building, almost always prefabricated and usually made from a half-cylindrical skin of corrugated metal. They originated around the time of the first world war, and since then their usage and popularity have grown and grown. They are widely used in a variety of settings, from industrial and agricultural to even personal private settlements. Part of the reason for their enduring popularity is that they are so useful and easy to construct and erect, as any Nissen hut suppliers will tell you.

nissen hut with offset metal doors

Nissen huts are incredibly strong

The basic design of the Nissen hut can give us some idea of its usually high degree of strength. Ultimately, it is made of a sheet of metal which is then bent into half a cylinder, and planted horizontally into the ground. The outside of the hut is always made of sheets of corrugated steel, and it is the use of this particularly strong material which gives Nissan huts their unique kind of strength. Generally, the whole structure is attached to a series of so-called ‘ribs’, which act to effectively keep it all in place. There might also often be interior lining used to add an extra layer of security and durability, but this is not always necessary – such decisions are generally made on the basis of what the hut is going to be used for, so it always depends.

Windows and doors can be added at will

Sometimes, windows and doors might be added to the structure, especially if it is to be used for purposes other than mere storage. If any work or labor is to be carried out in them for example, these will almost certainly be included. A door on the end will almost always be in-built as means of access. Because there is no single standard model for Nissen huts, they can be produced by Nissen hut suppliers very easily according to demand, so each order will probably be slightly different. Of course, for those in the need of such a hut, that is very good news indeed.

The Nissen hut is effectively indestructible

Something that has to be said for Nissen huts is that they are more or less indestructible by any normal means. The steel is often made so strongly that it would take a great force indeed to be able to damage it beyond repair. It is therefore hardly surprising that Nissen huts were so popular throughout the second world war, or that it has retained much of this popularity to this day, and there are Nissen huts for sale within the UK.

The Nissan hut is a powerful piece of kit, and a useful building in many circumstances. But it’s not the only style of steel building which is worth delving into.

The Quonset Hut

On the whole, the Quonset hut can be said to be markedly more lightweight than its counterpart the Nissen hut. However, don’t let this confuse you into thinking that it is not sturdy or strong. The truth is that the Quonset is actually every bit as strong and durable as the Nissen hut, and like the Nissen hut it too has many popular ways of being used which speak to its high level of practicality as well as its real strength.

industrial quonset hut

Quonset huts use galvanised steel and more aesthetically pleasing

One difference here is that the Quonset hut is made of corrugated galvanised steel, rather than just corrugated, so you might argue that in some respects it is even stronger than the Nissen hut. It is generally built with a semi-circular cross-section, and it was first developed in the United States with the Nissen hut as the basis of its design. It is therefore unsurprising that the Quonset and the Nissen hut are so closely related, in appearance as well as in construction and erection, and even execution.

Quonsets were sold to the public in huge quantities throughout the second world war, and ever since then they have hardly gone out of fashion. Many people prefer their ease of set up to the Nissen hut, and you will also hear a lot of people arguing that the design is more attractive, or more suited to strong winds and other unfavorable circumstances and conditions. It is clearly a remarkably strong kind of steel building, and it’s no surprise that it is still used in a number of industries in many countries around the world today.

Arched steel buildings that can be erected in days

Because they are produced by many independent contractors, like the Nissen hut, there is no absolute design that must be adhered to. However, they are almost always prefabricated in the factory, and can be sent anywhere and set up without the requirement for much-skilled labor on the part of the individual or organisation in need of it. This is partly what makes it so popular to so many people. Indeed, a Nissan hut kit can be purchased and erected by the end-user without the need for any skilled labour at all. Although you might prefer to leave it to the Nissen hut construction experts who can have a building erected in just days.

The side of the Quonset are made from corrugated steel, as with the Nissen hut. The ends are generally covered with steel too (although other materials can be used if desired), and you can have windows and doors inserted just as easily as with the Nissen hut. It can be placed almost anywhere, on many kinds of surface, but is particularly good on concrete, pilings or directly onto a wooden floor. If you have ever seen the traditional interior of a barracks, there is a good chance that that was a Quonset hut or something very similar, so you can understand and appreciate just how strong and sturdy these building truly are.

The Nissen hut and the Quonset hut make a great building

Many more of the quonsets have ever been produced compared to the Nissen hut, and for many it is the preferable option. However, as we shall see, there are so many similarities between the two types of hut that much can be gained from a kind of cross-section of the two. A building consisting of the very best qualities of both the Nissen and the Quonset huts would be a strong and reliable steel building indeed – but is such a thing even possible? As it turns out, it just might be, and the answer might be one of the strongest steel buildings that have ever been created and put on the market.

The Happy Compromise

As it turns out, there is a style of building which perfectly combines elements of both the Nissen and the Quonset huts, and that is what we work on producing here. The main difference between most other suppliers of steel buildings and ourselves is that our arch buildings are built with an arch configuration. That might not sound like much, but you would be amazed at what a difference it really can make to have an arch configuration rather than the traditional mode of construction.

a nissen and quonset hybrid building

Stronger, cheaper and quicker than the traditional portal frame

Traditionally, construction of these huts would involve the use of primary and secondary framing, an arguably inferior method which relied on the use of some less than sturdy metal sheeting for the building to stand. But with our buildings, we take rows upon rows of arches instead, and bolt them together to form the whole frame structure of the building in question. Because each row increases its length and they are piled in this way, it means that the structure is invariably stronger than either the traditional Nissan hut or the traditional Quonset hut. However, it is still prefabricated, and there are only a very few separate individual parts, so it is much easier for you to set up and happens to be a great deal cheaper too. The arch nature means that they are incredibly strong compared to most other types of building of this kind, and especially compared to straight-walled buildings. And because they come straight from our factory to your door, you will save both time and money at the same time.

But that’s not the only benefit of that utterly unique arch design. The fact that the buildings are constructed with this design means that erecting the whole structure is much simpler than it has ever been before. You are bound to save a huge amount of time compared to other steel building suppliers, because we are the only ones who build the structures with this simplicity and strength rolled into one. The set up is not only incredibly simple, but one of the fastest you will ever see, and that is great news if you are running a business and you don’t want to waste any more time than is necessary. You will also be spending much less money on this than you would on other style steel buildings, and it should come as no surprise that that is a great way for your business to function as well.

The buildings are preformed and then all you have to do is simply bolt them together, which stops the erection of these buildings from being a huge blown-up affair. You won’t need everyone on the job to get this done, and you don’t’ have to expect your business to be put on hold just to put up some steel arch buildings! Even a large building of ours can be built within a matter of days, so you won’t have any headaches to worry about with this one. Very little is needed in the way of large equipment, and you won’t even need to worry about hiring a crane. What’s more, if you get our experienced contractor on board to do it for you, you will be able to sit back and watch it being built on your property, while you can carry on attending to other aspects of your business in peace. And you won’t have to pay through the nose for the service either.

A special rust-resistant alloy is used

Another important benefit is that instead of using standard galvanised steel, the buildings use a special material called Galvalume®. This material is 7-times more rust resistant than galvanised. There are also 3 models available. The Q-model is the traditional semi-circular design. However, the P-model has a pitched roof design with flat walls and the S-model, also having flat walls, has a curved roof. It’s worth mentioning that the S-model is particularly popular with residential customers who are wanting an arch garage.

arch steel building models available

The perfect Nissen hut solution

It’s good to know that there is a happy compromise between the nissen and the quonset hut styles, and we believe that our unique archway configuration is the way to marry these two styles perfectly. Our arched buildings are growing in popularity every day, and it’s not too hard to see why, given that you save on almost every resource which is important to the proper running of a business. If you have ever wanted to use a nissen, or a quonset, but ultimately found them to be inadequate, then you will know that there is indeed a better way. The good news is that better way exists, and it can be seen in action in the building of our steel huts.

If you need a Nissen hut inspired solution for your business that can result in a strong and sturdy steel building, then you need look no further. Get in touch with us today to see how we might be able to assist your business further. You might be pleasantly surprised at just what we can do for your business – and how fast we can do it. With any luck, we can help to improve your business rapidly. If you are looking for a Nissen hut for sale in your area, look no further as we serve the whole of the country.

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