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10 Reasons Why Metal Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Are you looking for metal sheds? Perhaps you’re looking for small metal storage sheds for your business. Or maybe large metal sheds for your residential property.

Many people opt for a shed made of wood. However, whilst this may be the most traditional material, it’s far from the most suitable material.

Metal sheds are gaining more popularity. Here at Steel Buildings Direct, we specialise in metal structures of all sizes from industrial warehouses right the way down to large garden sheds. We use steel because it’s often far more suited to outdoor structures.

Want to know why metal could be a better choice of material for you? Here are a shedload of reasons why metal sheds are better than wooden ones. 

metal shed s-model

1. Metal sheds cost less

 You may think that wood is a far cheaper material to build from than metal. In some cases this is true – you can buy reclaimed wood for very cheap, which can then be used to construct a shed. However, this reclaimed wood is likely to be of a poorer quality and may not always be suitable for outdoor use.

Metal storage sheds are likely to provide much better quality for the cost. You could be getting the same durability from cheap metal as you would from premium wood. Metal was the prefab material of choice after the Second World War because it was so cheap and yet so sturdy.

We work with many people on a budget and can help to provide them with a much sturdier option than what they’d get using wood for the same cost. We also deliver in parts, which saves costs further – rather than having to transport a fully assembled shed in a lorry, we can use cans to transport the steel shed in parts.

2. Metal storage sheds are easier to maintain

Wooden sheds can often fall into disrepair without regular maintenance. In fact, it’s recommended that wooden sheds be treated annually with a water resistant finish to stop them getting damaged. Of course, few of us have the time and patience for this, and so wooden sheds can start to rot and decay.

By contrast, metal storage sheds require very little maintenance. Unless you want to paint them – in which case you should ideally apply a new coat every five years – most steel sheds won’t need any treating. This is because most are galvanised making them practically rust-proof.

At Steel Buildings Direct, we use a particularly special type of alloy called Galvalume Steel®. This steel alloy can be exposed to rain and snow and will still not rust. Don’t believe us? We offer a 25 year guarantee to all are customers. If it does rust before then, we’ll replace it. In other words, there’s virtually no need to worry about maintenance. When you’re considering large metal sheds, this can save a lot of time and money.

3. Metal sheds are easier to paint

If you are going to paint your shed, there are similarly many perks to using metal over wood. Timber sheds generally have to be painted once per year. Most paints will start to peel after this period and will make your shed look unsightly.

Meanwhile, if you opt for a metal shed, you may only have to repaint it every five years. Metal paints are far more resilient when it comes to the weather. Obviously in the case of both metal and wood, if you opt for cheap paints, you’ll most likely to be reapplying them sooner.

There are also just as many colours for metal as there are for wood. Lacquer based paints are ideal for outdoor usage, as they help to prevent water damage. You can buy many metal paints online whilst many home DIY stores also contain a wide selection of these paints. We recommend using a spray gun – this will prevent streaking and result in a more even finish.

4. Metal storage sheds are more durable

p-model metal storage sheds

There’s a reason the construction industry stopped using wood and switched to metal – it’s far more durable. Steel sheds are far better at dealing with harsh winds in storms due to being tougher and sturdier.

The metal sheds for sale that we offer are particularly durable without even having to rely on reinforcing beams. Instead, our steel sheds use a special corrugation that’s ideal for deflecting the wind. Whilst extreme winds are likely to result in wooden fence panels being ripped off, or worse your shed ending up in someone else’s garden, a steel shed isn’t going to go anywhere.

Metal is also far better at withstanding earthquakes and heavy snow. Such extreme conditions may topple a wooden shed, but with a metal shed may be able to better handle tremors in the earth or the weight of heavy snowfall. Go to many locations with hostile climates and you may often find that steel is the material of choice.

On top of this, you don’t have to worry about leaks. Whilst wood can start to crack and rot when exposed to water, a steel shed won’t do this. This means that the contents of your shed will stay dry.

5. Steel sheds are lighter

Metal storage sheds generally don’t weigh as much as their wooden counterparts either. Most metal sheds are made from metal plates that are thinner than wooden planks. When assembling them this can make a big difference as it means parts are easier to carry and handle. When it comes to transporting this material, a lighter load can also be more cost-effective. If you’re transporting the parts yourself, you may not even need a specialist vehicle.

Metal sheets are also much easier to manipulate than wood. Whilst timber may bend slightly, metal is much better suited for negotiating around small spaces. This could be useful if the only way to your back garden is through your house.

6. They’re easier to assemble

Constructing a wooden shed can be a challenge, particularly for those that dislike DIY. Metal sheds can be easily bolted together taking away a lot of the construction hassle. You won’t be getting a headache over instructions or having to fiddle with nails and screws. In fact, large metal sheds can be erected in a day or two. In fact, our buildings are based on the Nissen hut and Quonset hut which makes assembly extremely fast to erect. To learn more about the Nissen hut here and the Quonset hut building here.

We are able to assemble metal structures for all our clients. Given we’re used to building structures as large as sports halls and aircraft hangars out of metal, a shed is no sweat for us. If you’re looking for a quick solution, you’d therefore be better choosing metal over timber.

7. You don’t always need foundations

In some cases, steel sheds don’t even need foundations. Wooden sheds will almost always need a concrete base. This can add extra costs and be a time-consuming job. A steel shed that is built on flat ground may not need foundations, saving you time and money.

Where concrete foundations are required, you can also strengthen a shed’s structural integrity by providing a metal base. The metal base can be secured to the concrete foundations, which will offer extra security against strong winds or floods. This could be something to consider if you are located somewhere that regularly receives hostile weather.

8. They’re more secure

Worried about burglars stealing the contents of your metal shed? Sheds can be an easy target for thieves wanting to steal valuable items.

Thieves will target sheds made of flimsy materials. In most cases, wooden sheds can be easier to break into. Even with a lock, panels may be flimsy enough to be kicked down. Compare this to a steel shed and a burglar is clearly going to have a harder time breaking in. Having one may be enough to deter a thief, prompting them to move onto the next target.

9. Steel sheds are more fire resistant

steel sheds in a commercial location

Many people and businesses keep flammable items in their shed. There have been many cases of wooden sheds becoming explosive when exposed to fire due to these flammable contents. This can be very dangerous and is a good reason why it’s worth having a metal shed. The steel we use is completely fire proof and so any contents will be kept safe in the event of a fire.

10. Metal sheds are less prone to damage from pests

Many pests are known for burrowing into wooden structures. Woodworm is common timber sheds – many weevils and beetles like to make their home in these structures which can lead to leaks and rot. Rodents may also eat away at wooden sheds and use them to create their nests. Mice commonly use wooden sheds for shelter – they are dry and safe from outside predators. Such rodents may then use contents of the shed to build their nest with.

A metal shed is much more likely to keep out vermin. Such pests aren’t going to want to chew through metal, making it far better suited if you have a local rodent problem.

The metal sheds for sale that we have available are virtually indestructible, fire resistant and come with a hefty warranty. They start at 10’ in width and go up to large metal sheds with unlimited lengths.

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