metal sheds

10 Reasons Why Metal Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Are you looking for metal sheds? Perhaps you’re looking for small metal storage sheds for your business. Or maybe large metal sheds for your residential property.

Many people opt for a shed made of wood. However, whilst this may be the most traditional material, it’s far from the most suitable material.

Metal sheds are gaining more popularity. Here at Steel Buildings Direct, we specialise in metal structures of all sizes from industrial warehouses right the way down to large garden sheds. We use steel because it’s often far more suited to outdoor structures.

Want to know why metal could be a better choice of material for you? Here are a shedload of reasons why metal sheds are better than wooden ones. Continue reading

nissen hut

A Nissen Hut Crossed With A Quonset Hut Makes A Very Happy Compromise

Steel buildings with an arch configuration are an incredibly useful kind of building to have, and they serve a variety of purposes. These are typically in the form of a Nissen hut and also a Quonset hut. They are often one of the cheapest possible types of building to get your hands on, and yet they often deliver well on quality and durability. A steel frame building can be the ideal solution for a business looking to build a warehouse, factory or other unit. They can also be useful in many areas of industry, where they have been used for such a wide variety of purposes that it would be impossible to list them all.

Some of the best steel hut options are those which come pre-fabricated, and built directly from the factory. These can be a great way for a business to get the ball rolling while still saving some money, and it is easy to see why this might have become quite so popular, especially over the last couple of decades or so. With all the benefits of this type of manufactured building, it looks as though their use is only going to increase year after year. Continue reading

industrial building

Why You Should Choose Steel For Your Industrial Building

Choosing an industrial building is a very important decision for many individuals and organisations. There are various factors you must take into account when you decide what building is right for you. Primarily, you need to consider the materials used to develop and construct your industrial building. You have plenty to choose from, so which material is best?

In this piece, we will argue the case for steel as your choice during industrial building construction. It has many interesting properties that make it a popular choice for lots of people seeking a new industrial building. Continue reading

steel frame building

The Benefits Of A Steel Frame Building

The construction industry has benefitted from various advances over the years. One of the more recent advances is the use of a steel frame building in construction. Steel has long been recognised as a building material with lots of excellent properties. However, by using it as part of the framework for a building, these properties are heightened, and even more benefits are found.

Throughout the course of this article, we will discuss all the major benefits of a steel frame building, and why you might want to choose one of these buildings over other options. We’ll also look at the different types of steel framed building construction, as you have plenty of choices when opting for one of these buildings. Continue reading