Garage Kits That Cost You Less And Can Be Up And In Use Within Only A Few Weeks

Our Garage Kits are the most cost-effective way for you to store your valuable assets. Plus our quick-construction prefab garages will save you a ton of time and stress!

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Do any of the following apply to you?

if so, one of our Garage Kits could be just right for you.

  • You need some secure storage on your business premises for vehicles or other important items.
  • You have an RV and want to protect it from the elements.
  • You have ATVs and other toys that need to be safely and securely stored away.
  • You have landscaping tools and equipment that require sheltering, safely and securely, from the elements.
  • You are running out of space in your home and need some extra storage space. 
  • You are wanting a space where you can undertake activities, i.e. working on cars, hobbies, woodwork/metalwork/crafts, exercise and sports etc.
  • You are wanting a garage that can be split into two or more sections to allow for being a multi-use building.

Are our Garage Kits right for you?

our garage packages aren't right for everyone, so let's see if they're right for you...

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Our buildings are right for you if the following applies to you...

  • You want a simple bolt together construction, that is do-it-yourself friendly. Our garage kits are able to be erected with the help of a few friends or co-workers, in just a few days, with no special tools or heavy equipment (such as a crane) needed.
  • You want a closed wall building that will fully protect your possessions from the elements.
  • You want a building that is designed for your exact location with suitable wind and snow loadings.
  • You want a building that can be unbolted and re-located.
  • You want a building that can be permanently situated and add value to your home.
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Our buildings are not right for you if the following applies to you...

  • You are wanting to spend a few hundred pounds on cheap tin metal carports. These are low gauge metal and often collapse under strong winds or snow.
  • You want a building that you can build without the help of any friends in a few hours. Our garage kits are extremely easy to build, however you will need a little help from friends and it will typically take more than a day to build.
  • You want an open wall building. Open wall buildings are exposed to the elements, vandalism and pests. Costs can also be increased due to the requirement to be upward wind loaded.
  • You want the cheapest possible building and don't care if it isn't stamped by an engineer and doesn't have a warranty.

What will you be using your building for?

Our garage kits have many uses, however here's three of the most popular uses...

1. A garage for storing your vehicles protecting them from the elements

Protect vehicles from the elements

There are so many benefits to keeping your vehicle(s) in a garage. One of the most obvious is protecting them from the elements, such as rain, snow, wind and other weather elements that can have a detrimental effect on a vehicle’s exterior. Not only can the sun fade a vehicle’s paintwork, but, when left out in the open, acid and dirt can leave serious damage, leading to rust and permanently damaged paint. Extreme cold weather can also have a damaging effect on a vehicle. Finally, engine fluids remain at stable temperature resulting in a healthier engine.

Alleviate the risk of scratches and dents

When a vehicle is stored away in one of our garage kits, it’s protected from being scratched or dinted. First of all, from the elements such as debris (especially in windy conditions). Secondly, from other vehicles. For example, if your vehicle is parked on the road, it is likely that it could be damaged by passing vehicles or people.

Not an easy target for vandalism or theft

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a vehicle locked up in a garage, is less likely to be stolen or vandalised. For a start, opportunists tend to go for the easiest option; a vehicle parked outside. Even if a determined person chooses to target your vehicle, they’ve got a very hard task to break into a strong metal garage.

Insurance cost reductions

It’s a well-known fact that various insurance companies will lower your premium if your vehicle is stored in a safe and secure location, such as a steel garage.

No scraping ice off the glass or requirement for a windsscreen sun shade

Scraping ice off your vehicle in a morning can get extremely tiresome. By keeping your vehicle in a garage, this problem is alleviated. The same applies to hot temperatures, where an inadequate windscreen shade is the best defence against a boiling hot interior.

2. A prefab garage for your belongings saving you substantial sums

End the pain of never being able to find that one item you’re desperately hunting for

It doesn’t take long for you to build up enough belongings that your home just doesn’t have the room to hold them all. First you fill up the cupboards. Then the spare room. Before you know it, you’re squeezing items under the bed. Then when you need to find something, you just can’t lay your hands on it. One of our garage kits could remove all the clutter from inside your home and finally give you your house back!

Save money on extortionate self-storage costs - especially with excellent garage kits prices

A huge number of people are spending thousands of pounds over the years for self-storage units. Not only are these often tiny, but they are also extremely expensive. The fact that your belongings are also off-site can be an added inconvenience. A steel garage in an investment. Not only can it save you significant self-storage fees over the years but it can add value to your property.

Save space, money and hassle storing large, bulkier items

Let’s not even get started on the cost of storing large, bulky items in a self-storage facility. Then there’s the hassle of transporting the items there. Unfortunately, though, they take up so much space inside and around your property and are virtually impossible to hide. This might include treasured furniture, exercise equipment or sporting goods such as kayaks etc. A steel building ticks all the boxes, is the perfect solution and our garage kits prices are much lower than you probably think.

Save gardening tools and equipment from rusting and looking untidy

It’s surprising how many different gardening tools and equipment we acquire over the years. Many of them are relatively significant in size and need somewhere to be stored. Unfortunately, that is easier said than done. That’s why a large amount of them end up being stored outside. Exposed to the elements, they often end up rusting and damaged, whilst at the same time making your property look untidy. They are also at risk of theft. A metal garage will protect them against these problems.

3. A multi-use steel garage that is a convenient money-saving investment

A vehicle storage garage and workshop is the perfect combination

If you are already considering a steel building, either for a vehicle storage garage or workshop, then combining uses is a no-brainer. For example, let’s say you’re already planning a vehicle storage garage but you really like the idea of taking up a hobby in the future, when you have a little more free time, then now is the right time to build the workshop too! The additional cost of extending the building at this stage is relatively negligible, especially when compared to the higher costs you'll incur later to extend or build a second steel building. The same applies if you have the reverse intention and you’re currently planning a workshop, but think you might require more storage in the future.

Why stop at a dual-use garage – a multi-use garage is the ultimate investment

You might only be interested in a garage for one purpose right now. But things change over the years. Perhaps you’re wanting a garage to store your vehicles at this exact moment. But in a few years’ time, like many people do, you might be running out of space in your house. If you’re forced to pay for self-storage, this can add up to thousands of pounds over the years. Whereas the additional costs of adding a little extra space in your garage right now is minimal, especially as our garage kits prices are so competitive. Add to this, the notion that in the future you might like the idea of taking up a hobby (maybe when the kids finally leave home or you hit retirement), now is the cost-effective time to add a little extra space for the workshop too. Besides, the unused space can be used for additional storage in the meantime and you'll be making your property more valuable right now!



Introducing Our Steel's Garage Kits

A steel garage that is almost indsestructible

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7-times more rust resistant

Made of superior Galvalume® steel, which is seven times more rust resistant than galvanised.

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Virtually maintenance free

Garage kits are effectively maintenance-free as they require no painting or other regular maintenance.

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Commercial grade with residential prices

Garage kits are made of the highest grade heavy gauge steel with protection against strong wind and heavy snow loads.

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Portable buildings that can be moved

Our metal garages are also portable buildings that can be taken down and erected elsewhere, should you decide to move.

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Steel mill-backed warranty

A 25-year American limited warranty against rust perforation that is backed by the steel mill is included.

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Get it fast, despatched within days

Buildings are typically dispatched within a couple of weeks and can in some cases it can be quicker.

What's stopping you buying our Garage Kits?

A steel garage that is almost indsestructible

The fact that you're reading this right now shows you're serious about garage kits and have likely qualified that our prefab garages meet your requirements. You can see that our buildings are of extremely high quality and can be erected easily with just a few friends. There’s only one question now remaining…

...what are our garage kits prices?

Well, you’re just a couple of minutes away from getting the answer. To learn the prices of our Garage Kits, simply click the button below to request your free, no obligation quote.


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