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metal garage storage

What are the 5 Biggest Advantages of Building an Arch Style Metal Garage or Shed?

Do you need more space than you currently have?

If you don’t have a metal garage or storage shed to hold all your belongings, equipment, vehicles, etc., you may be renting storage space and paying a pretty penny for those square feet. Continue reading

steel storage shed

10 Signs It’s Time You Need to Build a Storage Shed

How do you know when it’s time to add more storage space to your property?

Sometimes it’s not as obvious as an overflowing closet or boxes stacked up high in your garage. Continue reading

steel carport kit

Do You Need a Second Garage Just for Your Vehicles?

The average family owns two cars, yet most people can’t park one car in their garage because it’s too crowded with other junk.

Sound like a familiar problem? Continue reading

commercial prefab building

8 Ways to Save Your Business Money with an On-Site Prefab Steel Building

Learn the money-saving opportunities that exist for your commercial, industrial, and agriculture business when you build a Quonset hut on your property.

Every business wants to keep their costs down and their profit margins high.

But if you’re leaving your expensive ag equipment or work vehicles outside for the elements to destroy, you’re throwing away money. Continue reading

Metal Shop building with tools

Metal Shop: 8 Tips For Creating Your Dream Garage or Workshop

Learn how to create the ultimate workspace for all your DIY projects.

Whether you like being under the hood of your classic cars, woodworking with your hands, or repairing things around the house, you need a quiet place to get your projects done. Continue reading

cluttered old building

Want To Improve Your Home Without Breaking The Bank? Here’s How

The idea of trying to improve the value of your home can be so overwhelming, especially if you watch television shows where the hosts are always doing big, grand projects.

But increasing your overall home value doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. You don’t need to add another room or do a complete renovation. By following just a few simple steps, you can dramatically improve the worth of your home and attract potential buyers. Continue reading

save pounds with steel buildings

6 Signs You May Be Spending More Money Not Buying A Steel Shed

You may think you’re saving money now by not investing in a Quonset hut for your property, but you’re getting the worst deal ever in the long run.

Can investing in a Quonset hut actually save you or your business money now and in the future? Continue reading

Quonset hut steel building part of home

9 Ways to Make Your Quonset Hut Feel More Like Part of Your Home

Learn how to transform that cold steel building into a warm new space you and your guests won’t want to leave.

If your home is short on storage, you’re probably extremely creative when it comes to cramming items in unlikely places.

So if you’re considering a Quonset Hut to add extra space to your property, you’re probably also one step ahead of the game and already thinking about how to get the most bang for your buck. Continue reading

prefab steel building

Metal Building: 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prefab Steel Building Kit

Tired of ignoring all the signs it’s time to build a storage shed?

Whether you’re looking for extra storage for your home or ready to build a steel carport or second garage for all your equipment and vehicles, prefab metal buildings offer the perfect blend of protection and convenience. Continue reading

metal sheds

10 Reasons Why Metal Sheds Are Better Than Wooden Sheds

Are you looking for metal sheds? Perhaps you’re looking for small metal storage sheds for your business. Or maybe large metal sheds for your residential property.

Many people opt for a shed made of wood. However, whilst this may be the most traditional material, it’s far from the most suitable material.

Metal sheds are gaining more popularity. Here at Steel Buildings Direct, we specialise in metal structures of all sizes from industrial warehouses right the way down to large garden sheds. We use steel because it’s often far more suited to outdoor structures.

Want to know why metal could be a better choice of material for you? Here are a shedload of reasons why metal sheds are better than wooden ones. Continue reading