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9 Ways to Make Your Quonset Hut Feel More Like Part of Your Home

Learn how to transform that cold steel building into a warm new space you and your guests won’t want to leave.

If your home is short on storage, you’re probably extremely creative when it comes to cramming items in unlikely places.

So if you’re considering a Quonset Hut to add extra space to your property, you’re probably also one step ahead of the game and already thinking about how to get the most bang for your buck. 

Quonset Huts make amazing second garages for vehicles like vintage cars, RVs, ATVs, boats, and even airplanes.

But they can also be a workshop, playroom, craft room, man cave, guest house, and so much more.

The versatility and super affordability of the Quonset Hut design is exactly what makes it so popular.

What’s a Quonset Hut Anyway?

The advantages of building a steel arch-style building trump traditional construction and self-storage benefits. Not to mention they cost a whole lot less.

Arch-style steel buildings are:

  • Durable and engineered to last. Quonset Huts from Adaptive Steel Buildings are made of superior Galvalume Steel®; a special steel alloy coating that’s 7x more rust-resistant than traditional galvanised steel. It provides excellent corrosion resistance and cutting-edge corrosion protection.
  • Totally customisable and easily expandable. Each arch is 2’ long; add as many arches as you want or need.
  • More affordable than traditional building options because there are fewer parts to manufacture.
  • Designed to be built without skilled labour or heavy-lifting equipment. Use simple hand-held tools and nothing more complicated.
  • Virtually indestructible and fire resistant. Since they’re steel and not wood, you’ll never experience sagging, warping, rot, or termite trouble.

They’ll also withstand heavy snow loads and harsh weather conditions like hurricanes, typhoons, tornados, cyclones, and even earthquakes.

  • 100% clearspan, covered space. The arch-style design means there are no internal beams, poles, trusses, or posts to get in the way.

When it’s time to stop ignoring the signs it’s time to build a prefab Quonset Hut on your property, you can start the fun part: the design and transformation process.

9 Ways to Transform Your Quonset Hut

With all the different ways you can use a Quonset Hut, there are countless ways to customise one.

Think of a basic Quonset Hut as your blank canvas to create the extra space you need.

When you decide how you’re going to use your Quonset Hut, you’ll have a better idea of how to incorporate these 9 upgrades:

1. Customise the Exterior

Though all Quonset Huts can be customised in length and various widths, they don’t all have to be steel or gray-coloured.

Sure, a steel building will provide the extra square footage your home is currently lacking. But let’s face it, a Quonset Hut isn’t exactly the most attractive structure to look at.

If you decide to build one on your property, you don’t want it to take away from the curb appeal of your house. You want your home and Quonset Hut to exist together in harmony.

So paint it with similar colours as your house and use the same landscaping to connect the two spaces.

Or make your Quonset Hut stand out so it becomes an attractive feature on your property instead of shrinking into the background.

Customize steel building with painted front

The Indian Summer Lodge via Image Source

Whatever colour you decide to paint your Quonset Hut will be so much better than seeing your ATVs, boat, kayak, lawn mower, and other expensive stuff rusting in the yard.

2. Add Windows to Let In Natural Light

Workshops, art studios, writing rooms, yoga retreats — you can’t have any of these spaces without lots of natural light.

Add windows to your Quonset Hut and it will feel like an open, creative spot to complete all your projects and less like the dark garage you’re fearing.

Quonset hut with large glass front

Image source: Inhabitat

Sunlight will also heat up your Quonset Hut to warm and cool it as the sun rises and sets. This will be your natural form of electricity if you don’t plan to wire your steel building for power.

3. Electricity is a Must for Modern Activities (but not for unplugging!)

If you’re designing a retreat to work on your hobbies in peace and unplug from your mobile devices (or simply store your rec vehicles and holiday decorations), you certainly don’t need electricity in your steel building.

But if you’re planning to customise the workshop of your dreams, you’re going to need electricity to power your tools and give light when you’re working long into the night.

Electricity would also be helpful for your home office, playroom, and guest bedroom as well.

This is the single biggest upgrade to your Quonset Hut kit to transform your steel building into a real part of your home.

If you don’t want the added expense of a higher electricity bill, solar energy may be in your future.

4. Consider Going Solar

Quonset Huts are an eco-friendly housing and storage option.

Take your green living one step further by using solar energy to power your metal building home. Install solar panels alongside your steel building (in direct sunlight) and enjoy virtually free energy.

If you’re spending more money not building a Quonset Hut, your electricity savings will be like the cherry on top of your discount sundae.

5. HVAC and Insulation

Instead of shivering in the winter and sweating in the summer, add heating and air conditioning to your Quonset Hut and you’ll be able to work comfortably.

Along with electricity, adding HVAC to your steel building transforms it to a liveable space. This extension of your home will give you room to spread out, work with proper ventilation, and store your belongings in a climate-controlled area.

To keep your heat and A/C costs down, you’ll want to add insulation to your Quonset Hut as well.

Bonus: This also acts like light soundproofing too. So now you can use your Quonset Hut for band practice, late night baby freak outs, and man cave action movie night.

Take on this project by learning how to insulate a Quonset Hut yourself.

6. What About Plumbing?

Plan to spend a lot of time in your Quonset Hut and you’re going to wish you thought about installing a restroom.

Plus, if you’re doing lots of dirty work and getting your hands greasy, having a sink to rinse off in before getting into your car or walking into your house will be a lifesaver.

Plumbing is totally possible in a Quonset Hut and will make for a welcome addition no matter what you’re using your steel building for (except if you’re just using it for storage).

While building a Quonset Hut may be easy for you and your squad to take on, you’ll need an expert plumber to add a toilet, sink, and shower to your residential steel building.

If you’re already adding solar panels, you may also want to consider eco-friendly water options such as collecting rainwater.

7. Install Suitable Flooring

Your extra space needs the right kind of floor under your feet.

And the type of flooring you install can vary dramatically depending on if you’re using your Quonset Hut for a playroom for your kids, your vintage car garage, or your woodworking shop.

No need to add flooring if you’re simply storing vehicles and equipment in your Quonset Hut garage. You may want to add an oil- or grease-proof coating to protect against leaks and stains.

As far as workshop flooring options, you can choose from mesh, plastic, vinyl, and non-skid surfaces for extra safety. Adding extra mats where you have to stand for longer periods on your feet will make the work hours much easier.

Using your Quonset Hut as a guest suite, office, playroom, or other addition to your home means your options are similar to those you’d use in your house. Choose from wood, vinyl, tiles, rugs, and loads of other cozy choices to personalise your space.

8. Think About Outside Space

Don’t neglect the outdoor space near your Quonset Hut just because your steel building is already technically outside.

Add a covered carport kit to your Quonset Hut to work on, wash, or wax your vehicles outside when the weather’s nice.

Think about adding a patio to one side of your steel building for seamless indoor/outdoor living area.

If you’re using your steel building for your lawn and garden equipment, build it near your greenhouse or in the middle of your farm for easy access to what you need most.

9. Consider Adding a Covered, Connecting Walkway

There’s no better way to connect your home or garage to your new Quonset Hut than by literally connecting them with a walkway.

Create a stone path between the garage door or the door to your backyard or mudroom right to your Quonset hut. Cover that path so you can walk over even when it’s raining or snowing.

Since Quonset Huts are engineered to withstand severe weather conditions like heavy snowfall, gusty winds, and lots of rain, you’ll be protected from the elements as soon as you step inside (and so will all your stuff!).

Adaptive Steel Buildings Can Help You Customise Your Quonset Hut

The design of your Quonset Hut is only limited by your imagination.

Once you have a strong base to start with, you can change the interior and exterior of your steel building to personalise it for your property’s needs. It’s like custom-building an entire new wing of your house for a fraction of the price.

Building a Quonset Hut is one of the easiest ways to improve your home without breaking the bank.

Learn all the factors to consider when choosing a prefab steel building and what to look for in a Quonset Hut dealer before making any purchases and you’ll be golden.

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What Quonset Hut hacks do you have planned for your steel building? Share them with us and we may feature them in our next blog!

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