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8 Ways to Save Your Business Money with an On-Site Prefab Steel Building

Learn the money-saving opportunities that exist for your commercial, industrial, and agriculture business when you build a Quonset hut on your property.

Every business wants to keep their costs down and their profit margins high.

But if you’re leaving your expensive ag equipment or work vehicles outside for the elements to destroy, you’re throwing away money. 

And if your barn or current storage shed isn’t protecting your grains or crops, you’re also cutting your profits.

So what can a metal warehouse do for your business?

Today we’re going to learn how businesses in the agriculture, commercial, and industrial sectors can all benefit from an on-site Quonset Hut.

What’s a Quonset Hut and How Does it Work Anyway?

Instead of the straight walls of a typical metal storage shed or wood barn, a Quonset hut uses overlapping arch panels that bolt together in 2’ increments.

That means you can customise the size of your Quonset Hut Kit for your property’s dimensions or your current storage/workspace needs.

Plus, you can always expand your steel prefab building by adding more arches/panels in the future.

prefab quonset hut building illustration

Prefab Quonset hut building illustration showing various sections

Since there aren’t many individual parts to manufacture, the process is simple, fast, and more affordable than other traditional building alternatives.

It’s easy to build a prefab steel building on your own, or with the help of a few friends, coworkers, or family members to speed up the process.

You don’t need any special contractors, skilled labour, or heavy-lifting tools either.

Our Quonset Hut Kits can be quickly bolted together and standing on your property within a matter of days.

So to sum up, a steel Quonset Hut Kit is:

  • Affordably priced to fit your budget
  • Easy to assemble without skilled labour or special equipment
  • Virtually maintenance free forever (more on this later!)

Now that you know exactly what a Quonset Hut is, let’s jump into all the ways building one will save your business money.

8 Ways to Save Your Business Money with a Steel Quonset Hut Kit

Though there are so many different uses for metal buildings, all of them are designed to give you extra space, more control, and help your business slash operating costs.

Here’s how:

1. You’ll Have 100% Clear Span, Covered Space

When you stop ignoring the signs it’s time you need additional storage space, you may consider adding an addition to your property or building a barn.

But a Quonset Hut will give you more value for your dollar than both of these. They cost less and you’ll be able to use every square foot you pay for.

Thanks to their unique arch structure, there’s no internal structural framework like beams, columns, poles, trusses, or posts in a Quonset Hut. That means you get 100% usable interior space.

With zero obstructions to worry about, you can store more and manoeuvre around your workspace easily without feeling like you’re playing Frogger or Tetris.

It also makes your metal warehouse and distribution centres easier to map out because you literally have a wide, open canvas to work with.

You’d think this lack of internal framework would make Quonset Huts weak. But that’s just the opposite.

Due to their corrugation design, as each steel arch panel overlaps, it’s like having a reinforcing steel beam every 2’ down the length of your Quonset Hut. Wherever the panels bolt together is like having a steel reinforced plate.

This means your steel building is strong, durable, and made to last. These are just a few of the advantages of an arch-style metal building.

Another is the fact that they’re virtually maintenance free. The Galvalume Steel® we use in our Quonset Huts requires no painting, upkeep, or maintenance for the life you own it.

Which you can’t say about your work vehicles and pricey ag equipment…

2. You’ll Protect All Your Work Vehicles and Ag Equipment

Your company cars and work vehicles start depreciating the second you drive them off the lot.

But leaving them parked outside to face the finishing-wrecking sunshine and paint-damaging salt during the winter will only lower your fleet’s value even more.

Instead of parking your vehicles on the street (where they could get damaged by passing cars unbeknownst to you) or paying to park in lots or garages, keep all of your vehicles on-site in your Quonset Hut.

If your company car is more like a company tractor, the same is true for you.

Metal arch-style steel buildings give you the height and clearance other low-cost options can’t match. Store everything from planters, cultivators, loaders, harvesters, and more.

Our Quonset Hut Kits are even large enough to accommodate your semi-truck fleet.

Build a trucking garage and store your rigs safely and securely while protecting them from the elements. With wide, high entrances, our semi-truck garage doors make it a piece of cake to get in and out fast to meet your deadlines.

Unlike cheaper, flimsy carports made of subpar materials, your prefab steel Quonset Hut won’t blow away or crumple under heavy snowfall. They’re made to withstand heavy winds, rain, and blizzards to keep your investments safe.

Your vehicle insurance premiums may also lower if you’re storing them in a safer, less claim-prone location. Especially if you’ve previously been keeping them off-site.

If you design a Quonset Hut Kit that’s large enough, you can work on your vehicles without leaving your property too.

3. Create an On-Site Workshop or Garage to Do Repairs Yourself

Most of the time you know what’s wrong with your ag equipment, semi-truck engine, or any other piece of machinery you have on your property.

But you probably don’t have the space to work on them comfortably, right? Or maybe your tools are all over the place instead of organised in a central location.

Build an on-site workshop or garage with a Quonset Hut Kit and take on all the costly repairs and maintenance yourself. Work comfortably in a climate-controlled space out of the sun, rain, and snow.

If you need a little inspiration, check out our tips for how to create your dream car shop or workshop with a Quonset Hut Kit.

4. You’ll Keep Crops and Commodities like Sand, Gravel, Grain, and Livestock Feed Safe and Dry

Our Quonset Huts are leak proof, making them the perfect place to store items that can’t get wet, like sand, grain, and livestock feed.

What makes our steel buildings waterproof?

The last several inches of each arch panel overlaps the next one. This fits nicely together to create a seal and prevent water from reaching the inside of your Quonset Hut.

Other companies crimp the ends of their panels. However, that then requires caulking to ensure complete waterproofing, which seems a bit like a waste of time, money, and effort.

A Quonset Hut is the most cost-effective way to protect your crops and grain from being destroyed by:

  • Mould
  • Rot
  • Fire
  • Animals
  • Bugs and pests
  • Weather conditions
  • Theft

And if you need to do the same for your animals and livestock, a Quonset Hut makes an affordable and durable barn option too.

5. You Can Finally Build a Better, More Affordable Barn

A Quonset Hut makes a better alternative to building a pole barn on your property.

First, pole barns have internal beams that get in the way whereas a Quonset Hut has unobstructed interior space.

And a prefab steel barn will never sag or warp like a wooden barn. Because Quonset Huts are made of highly durable steel, they’ll never face these challenges.

Prefab steel buildings are also fire-resistant and termite-proof, which wooden barns are definitely not.

Unlike painting and keeping up with your barn, you never have to paint or perform routine maintenance on your Quonset Hut.

Plus, our steel prefab buildings cost considerably less than traditional barns so you can house everything from your horses, chickens, calves, and more for less green.

And since Quonset huts lack trusses, there’s no place for birds or rodents to perch and nest either. If time is money, consider not having to clean up after meddlesome pests a money-saver.

6. Stop Paying for Expensive Boat and Airplane Storage

If you depend on a boat for your small fishing business, you know storing it isn’t cheap.

And if you’re leaving your boat outside to fend for itself, you’re not really doing much to protect the investment on which your livelihood depends.

Trailer your boat and keep it stored in a Quonset Hut to get the most longevity. Clean, perform maintenance, and secure your boat without breaking the bank.

Quonset Huts are also ideal for storing your small plane, helicopter, or even commercial jet.

Their 100% clear span design, ability to withstand extreme weather, and their high-quality construction for less makes Quonset Huts perfect aircraft hangars.

7. Create an On-Site Security Checkpoint and Other Offices

Could your business property use the benefit of additional security?

You could create an on-site security post for night guards, visitor check-ins, and other personnel using a Quonset Hut Kit.

Quonset Huts also make excellent office spaces if you need a quiet place on your property to get the numbers done.

They can be customised for estate agents, developers, small retail shops, offices, shared spaces, and more.

Using a prefab steel building is also much more cost-efficient for startups than renting or building traditional office space.

Multiply those savings on a grand scale and you’ll see why Quonset Huts score high as warehouses and distribution centres.

8. Low-Cost, Expandable Building for Warehouses and Distribution Centres

Like office space, Quonset Huts costs less than constructing a warehouse or distribution centre the traditional way.

Quonset Hut Kits are customisable in width and length, giving you the ability to design virtually any sized building your business needs.

Plus, you can always add more panels to your Quonset Hut when your business grows, which would be much more inexpensive than building an addition.

Their open, clear span space is practically a warehouse or DC designer’s dream.

When time is money for your business, you need a building fast. It could take years to go through the permitting, designing, budgeting, and building of a traditional warehouse or distribution centre.

Choose a Quonset Hut Kit from Adaptive Steel Buildings and it should arrive on your property within two weeks. In less than a week you can have your very own steel building erected and ready for business — at a fraction of the cost and time of a traditional building.

Adaptive Steel Buildings is Ready to Save Your Business Money — Are You?

Our Quonset Hut buildings are made of the highest grade, heavy gauge American steel called Galvalume Steel®. It has a specialised, patented alloy coating that makes it extra resistant to corrosion.

This alloy developed by the US steel industry provides lifelong durability. It’s also 7 times more rust resistant than regular galvanised steel.

On top of our low factory-direct prices, we deliver country-wide. These are important factors to consider when choosing a prefab steel building.

Do your homework and you may realise you’re spending more money NOT buying a Quonset hut. And when that happens, Adaptive Steel Buildings can help balance your budget.

Contact us today for a free, no-obligation quote about your Quonset Hut!

Rather chat and get to the point? Give us a call we’ll be happy to answer your questions: 020 3423 6328​.

What other commercial, agricultural, and industrial uses do you think a Quonset Hut Kit would good for? We’d love to hear your thoughts and prefab steel building hacks!

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