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Metal Building: 8 Factors to Consider When Choosing a Prefab Steel Building Kit

Tired of ignoring all the signs it’s time to build a storage shed?

Whether you’re looking for extra storage for your home or ready to build a steel carport or second garage for all your equipment and vehicles, prefab metal buildings offer the perfect blend of protection and convenience. 

But they’re not all created equal.

Choosing a metal building kit without doing your homework is like putting in an offer for a house you’ve never seen before.

Though you know you want a Quonset hut, you also don’t want to trap yourself in a potential nightmare or money pit — especially if you wind up with a metal garage that isn’t what was advertised when you purchased it.

That’s why today we’re going to talk about the biggest things you need to consider when choosing a prefab steel building kit.

When you know exactly what to look for, you’ll be able to quickly weed out the contenders that don’t live up to your expectations.

So here’s how to find the metal garage you really want:

1. Look for a Company Specialising in Steel Arch Style Quonset Huts and Metal Building Kits

Arch style metal buildings are not the same as pre-built wood or metal sheds sitting around the parking lot of your local general store or gardening centre.

Quonset huts are prefab metal buildings made of lightweight corrugated steel.

They’re configured in an arch shape to provide maximum clearance for all your equipment, recreational vehicles, and large and small items.

You can use them for both temporary and permanent storage for your property depending on whichever you need at the time.

A trusted and reputable metal building company will know the difference between the high-quality materials that should be used in a Quonset hut and those better used for soup cans.

Try to stay away from metal building suppliers located outside the country too. Though they may advertise lower prices, you’ll get stuck with higher shipping fees and low-quality steel.

While you probably know most of the advantages of choosing arch style metal buildings over other types of storage sheds, an experienced steel building kit supplier will help you bypass the mistakes others usually make in the process.

2. How Much Usable Interior Space Do You Need or Want?

There are two parts to every Quonset style metal shed: the arches and the end walls.

Both arches and end walls come in various widths and heights.

Illustration of a quonset hut with arches and endwalls

Each arch increment is 2’ deep so every segment adds 2’ of length to the overall size of your metal building.

This means you’ll be able to customise the size of your Quonset hut based on your property’s specific dimensions.

Simple customisation is one reason why Quonset huts have such a wide appeal in properties across the Residential, Agricultural, Commercial & Industrial, and Recreational & Public Facilities sectors.

Unlike other buildings and additions, the unique construction style of Quonset huts uses zero internal structural framework.

You’ll have 100% usable interior space sans obstruction.

Now you can bring in your largest vehicles and RVs without the worry of hitting internal structural components like beams, poles, trusses, and pillars.

Easily manoeuvre your lawn equipment around your family’s sporting goods, organise your storage boxes without leaving them in the way of your vehicles, and never worry about needing clearance to fit any of your toys again.

You’re able to optimise the investment in your metal prefab kit by using every available inch of covered space.

Even though your Quonset hut lacks traditional internal framework, they’re still highly durable and incredibly strong if they’re built of the right material.

3. Always Choose Commercial-grade Steel

As we mentioned earlier, be wary of steel buildings sourced from outside the country.

All the steel used in the metal building kits at Adaptive Steel Buildings is high quality commercial grade material.

We use Galvalume Steel®, a special steel alloy to provide lifelong durability for your prefab building.

This is the highest-quality, heaviest gauge commercial steel available and it’s virtually indestructible.

Due to its unique corrugation process, each arch acts like thousands of reinforced steel beams, making it the best and strongest steel product anywhere in the world.

Unlike cheaper Quonset Hut alternatives, our prefab steel buildings can withstand heavy snow loads, hurricane winds, and whatever else Mother Nature throws at it.

They’re also completely fire resistant.

Should a fire touch your property, your expensive items will be protected rather than added to the kindling.

Galvalume Steel is also 7 times more rust resistant than traditional galvanised steel and basically fights off corrosion day and night. It’s not going to turn orange like the equipment you’re leaving outside.

And since it requires no painting or touching up, your steel building will be virtually maintenance-free the entire time you own it.

These are only a few perks you score when you buy high-grade steel from a supplier you trust.

4. Make Sure There’s a Warranty You Think is Fair

Should something happen to your steel building kit, you’ll want the protection of a warranty to back up your purchase.

All the prefab metal buildings we sell at Adaptive Steel Buildings come standard with a limited warranty against rust perforation.

This 25-year warranty is backed by the steel mill so you know it’s legit.

Don’t make a purchase without knowing your protection first.

5. Check Out Your Options for Customisation and Design

To fit your property and your storage needs, we offer a choice of three arch style metal building kit models with varying profiles, widths, and heights.

Companies that don’t offer as many options could make your design process feel limited.

6. Your Steel Quonset Hut Should Be Super Easy to Build in a Few Days (sans serious equipment)

A majority of the expense of adding an addition to your house stems from the labour and equipment costs — not the actual materials.

That’s why prefab steel building kits are so low-cost: you can do all the labour yourself and save lots of cash.

You’ll probably be able to construct a small- to medium-sized metal building all on your own, but you’ll want the help of a few friends or family members to take on anything larger than that.

You and your crew can have your prefab steel building done in a few short days.

Here’s how it works:

The arches and end walls are delivered in small, individual panels right to your property.

These are lightweight and easy to hold and put together.

Each panel has pre-drilled holes for one type of specific bolt. You’ll use this one bolt to fasten your entire Quonset hut together.

Easy, right?

Since there are only one size bolt and one way to build and connect everything, it’s almost impossible to mess up (even for your clumsy friend).

To put up a metal building kit, you literally don’t need any:

  • Skilled contractors
  • Expensive labourers
  • Heavy lifting gear (like a crane)
  • Specialised tools
  • Welding equipment

If the DIY nature is strong in you, get ready for that sense of accomplishment and deep satisfaction that comes from building with your own two hands.

And even if you’re not the greatest DIYer, all of our steel buildings come with a simple instruction manual so you’re never lost or out of luck when you need help most.

Always make sure you understand the building process before you sign on the dotted line for your prefab steel building kit.

Our straightforward prefabricated bolt-together design process is why our steel buildings are easy to build and cost thousands less than our competitors — even though we’re using higher-quality materials.

7. Pricing Should Be Affordable

Prefab steel buildings cost significantly less than conventional building construction for the same (or more!) usable space.

That’s because it’s more cost-effective to produce one type of bolt and one simple arch. Fewer individual parts to manufacture means bigger savings to pass on to customers.

Factory-direct prices like ours will bring your bottom line down even lower.

And since Adaptive Steel Buildings ships all our Quonset hut kits directly from our factory, we also try to save you even more money on transportation costs.

8. Delivery of Your Prefab Steel Building Should be Speedy without Costing a Fortune

Like we mentioned earlier, you don’t want to get lured in by low prices and then hit over the head with delivery costs when you choose a low-quality metal building supplier.

Since we deliver all our steel buildings directly, we’re able to deliver your prefab garage to part of the country.

Buildings are typically despatched within two weeks but can sometimes be delivered sooner depending on the factory’s production capacity.

Adaptive Steel Buildings Knows What You’re Really Looking For When it Comes to Your Steel Building Options

Follow our tips today and you’ll know how to spot the best Quonset hut and a trusted steel building company to buy from.

You won’t find any high-priced middlemen here at Adaptive Steel Buildings — just a bunch of Quonset enthusiasts looking to help people find an affordable solution for their equipment, vehicles, and belongings.

If you’d like more information about the steel building kits we offer, contact us for a free, no-obligation quote!

We’d love to discuss your options without the pushy sales stuff.

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