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6 Signs You May Be Spending More Money Not Buying A Steel Shed

You may think you’re saving money now by not investing in a Quonset hut for your property, but you’re getting the worst deal ever in the long run.

Can investing in a Quonset hut actually save you or your business money now and in the future? 

Metal garage kit prices are more affordable than most people realise.

Today we’re going to see why you’re wasting your hard-earned cash doing any of these activities — and why you’re probably a perfect candidate for the money-saving perks of building your own steel garage.

So look out for these 6 signs you’re spending instead of saving money:

1. You’re Paying Through the Roof for a Self-Storage Rental

Every home or business could use more storage space.

From hiding holiday decorations to storing furniture that’s still useful, self-storage rentals seem like an ideal catch-all for those lacking square footage.

But according to data compiled from CostHelper about self-storage costs, these temporary storage solutions are expensive.

As you can probably expect, if you live in an area with a higher cost of living, you’ll be paying more per square foot than these averages.

In uber-wealthy Chelsea or Kensington, for example, you may be charged considerably more than someone in the Newcastle.

And if you need a climate-controlled unit, expect to pay 50–60% more than the standard rate.

Sure, the monthly expense is bad enough. But self-storage facilities are notorious for raising the rent on their tenants every year.

They know that the longer you have your unit, the more stuff you’re going to pile in, and the less likely you’ll be to move out and find a more affordable option.

And they’re usually right.

So you rack up thousands of pounds in monthly self-storage payments over the years without anything to show for your investment.

Rent a garage-sized self-storage unit at a price of £100/month, keep it for five years, and you’ll spend £6,000!

When you’re finally sick of schlepping all your stuff back and forth from your self-storage unit to your property, you’ll cut the contract and that’s it.

All that money you spend renting your storage space may as well be used for bonfire kindling for the return on your investment it brings.

A Quonset hut may cost more initially than a monthly storage rental, but over time you’ll not only be paying significantly less and have more usable storage space, you’ll have something worth value on your property.

When you pay off the cost of your metal building, you’ll have free storage for the rest of your property’s life.

Which means you can also stop paying those high parking space and vehicle storage rental fees too.

2. You Have to Pay to Store or Park Your Rec Vehicles

If you’d rather keep your boat, RV, ATVs, kayak, and other fun toys on your property, you can’t leave them outside to face the weather on their own (as we’ll discuss next).

But you may not have enough space in your garage to even park one of your vehicles.

So you may be paying a small fortune to rent a parking space for your RV, and probably just as much (or most likely more) to keep your boat safe when you’re not on the water.

If you need a second garage just for all your vehicles, DIY the perfect custom Quonset hut and you can go (and stay!) home with your vehicle in tow after long adventures.

Thanks to the arch-style design, Quonset huts are tall enough to be used as aircraft hangars and they’re ideal for keeping your big RV nice and shiny indoors.

Plus, their clear span means you don’t have to manoeuvre your way around any internal structural components like beams, poles, or trusses. Quonset huts deliver 100% open, usable interior space.

Design a metal garage that’s also large enough to accommodate your tools and you can also work inside on your vintage cars, away from the overbearing sun and rain.

You’ll boost your productivity and lengthen the life of your cars and equipment at the same time.

And if you’ve been keeping your pricey toys outside, you’ll need a covered space to restore them back to life.

3. You’re Leaving Your Expensive Equipment and Vehicles Outside

Leaving your expensive vehicles, ag equipment, ladders, bicycles, and other costly gear outside to rust and get destroyed by the elements is a bad idea.

You spent a lot of money on these items, but if you don’t have a garage or safe space to keep them protected from theft, vandalism, weather damage, and animals, you may not have a choice.

A steel building or garage will provide a protective environment for your pricey equipment and tools — and keep them on-site for when you need them most.

A metal building costs less than the damage and depreciation you’re causing by leaving your vehicles, equipment, and tools outside to fend for themselves.

What about Mother Nature’s unpredictability?

Your vintage cars, tractors, and jet skis won’t be able to weather through a major flood, fire, or withstand the impact of falling trees.

So not only are you lowering the value of all your big-ticket purchases, you’re going to have to pay the costs to repair anything that does get damaged (which is likely and not cheap).

Store your investments safely where they belong — on your property, inside a strong steel garage you built with your own two hands.

Design the workshop of your dreams with a Quonset hut large enough for all your hobbies and equipment.

If your wishes for a garage, workshop, or extra storage space have inspired a search for a bigger location, a steel building can fill all those needs at once so you don’t have to move away from home.

4. You’re Considering a Move to a Bigger Location

Larger homes or business properties not only cost more per square foot than smaller options, they also cost more to operate.

So even though you may gain extra storage space, you’ll probably be paying more in electric, heating, and A/C costs too.

Even if you decide to move yourself, you’ll still have to pay for a van to transport everything and gas to go back and forth, along with boxes, packing material, and time off work.

It all adds up. Fast.

A prefab steel building will save you money and let you stay exactly where you want to be. And it’s still cheaper than an addition to your building or home.

5. You’re Planning to Build an Addition

Instead of going through the long process of selling your home and packing up for a new locale, adding an addition to your home or business property may seem like a wise investment on the surface.

Adding a detached addition to your property clocks in at a lot less yet still sets property owners back a small fortune.

So considering how much more affordable building a Quonset hut on-site is, do you still think it’s a good idea to draft up that new addition?

If your property has the space for one, it has the room for a steel garage at a fraction of the expense.

6. You Have the Space to Add a Steel Garage to Your Property, But You Haven’t Yet

In an article for estate agent Mag, Barbara Ballinger speaks with real estate experts about whether not having a garage on your property becomes a deal breaker when it’s time to sell.

Property investor and author Grant Cardone says:

“The average two-car garage will return the investment two to two-and-a-half times. It doesn’t mean you have to have one with polished or painted floors and other fancy amenities, but it does have to be clean and roomy.

Adding some extra square footage doesn’t cost that much more with this type of construction.”

How big do you have to go to see a return on your investment?

Architect Allan J. Grant says it’s typical for a two-car garage to measure between 20–24’ wide and at least 22–25’ deep.

He’s also a fan of adding extra square footage to make your garage roomier for storing garden equipment, outdoor furniture, etc. without adding that much to the final price tag.

Decide on a size for your Quonset hut and simply add 2’ segments later when you need more space down the road. It’s the storage space that keeps expanding as you need it.

Adding a Quonset hut is just one way to improve your property without breaking the bank.

Are You Ready to Start Saving Money with Your DIY Quonset Hut Kit?

Our steel building prices are generally thousands of pounds less than our competitors’ lower quality traditional steel buildings.

That’s because they are prefabricated and direct from the factory, delivering country-wide.

The prefabricated bolt-together design cuts down our manufacturing costs and makes it easy for you and your buddies to assemble your Quonset hut in a few days. #WinWin.

A Quonset hut is just one of the factors to consider when choosing a steel building kit.

When you spot the signs it’s time to build a steel storage shed and you crunch the numbers, you’ll see why the smart investment is also the easiest.

Since there are so many different options and variables, it’s too difficult to list specific prices for each steel building we can create.

Contact us today and let us know what you’re looking for. We’ll give you a free, no-obligation quote so you can weigh your options and make a well-informed decision.

When in doubt, always opt for having more space instead of not having enough if you can swing it. And with a low-cost Quonset hut, you usually can.

Contact Adaptive Steel Buildings today for your free, zero obligation quote now!

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