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What are the 5 Biggest Advantages of Building an Arch Style Metal Garage or Shed?

Do you need more space than you currently have?

If you don’t have a metal garage or storage shed to hold all your belongings, equipment, vehicles, etc., you may be renting storage space and paying a pretty penny for those square feet. 

The self-storage industry is huge and growing dramatically.

Most people get stuck renting space or storage off-site at a premium because they don’t have the budget for a property with extra space and building a brick-and-mortar addition is equally pricey.

But why spend all that money every month and go through the inconvenience of having your equipment or property off-site?

You can build an arch style metal garage or shed right in your own backyard or commercial property in less than a month — for a lot less.

Steel arch style buildings like Quonset huts have been around since World War II yet their incredible advantages have kept them in high demand for the last 70 years.

Today we’re going to cover the 5 biggest benefits of building a metal Quonset building for your storage and work needs.

First, What is An Arch Style — or Quonset — Metal Building Anyway?

Back in 1941, the US Navy needed strong, lightweight, prefabricated buildings that were easy to build and easy to transport.

They started producing Quonset huts, which had metal walls and structural components that formed an arch-shaped, or semi-circular-shaped, building when fastened together.

They’re tall enough to accommodate aircraft and RVs and they don’t have any centre beams or pillars that take up space. These portable metal buildings became an affordable option for protected open space.

The Navy used Quonset huts for everything from barracks to offices to medical facilities all across the world.

Though its start may have been for the military, there are hundreds of uses for metal arch style buildings, such as:

  • Backyard garages
  • Workshops
  • Car garages
  • Aircraft hangars
  • Equipment shelters
  • RV storage
  • Industrial storage
  • Agriculture storage

Some people even choose to erect prefabricated metal buildings to live in!

So what’s the secret to the arch style steel building being so popular?

Here are the 5 best reasons to consider building a prefab metal garage or shed on your property:

1. Get the Storage/Work Space You Need at a Fraction of the Cost and Expense

As we mentioned earlier, storage space can get expensive really fast. And once you’re all moved in, you can be sure your rates will increase.

Depending on where you live, getting a large unit (which you probably need at a minimum) is considered a luxury at storage facilities. Before you know it, you are spending hundreds of pounds per month.

Erecting your own steel building, on the other hand, saves you money on rising self-storage costs.

You even get to keep all your most valuable property on-site so you never need to drive over to your unit in inclement weather, during high traffic, or when you don’t have time.

Over the course of a few years, you’ll spend the same amount of money renting storage space as the price of buying a metal prefab garage kit which you’ll own forever.

And you won’t have nearly the same usability, flexibility, or space.

DIY metal buildings are affordable to own because it doesn’t cost a lot to manufacture the parts. And our steel building kits are shipping directly from the factory to keep the price down even more.

You’ll also be able to customise the size of your arch style metal shed to suit your needs and fit your price range, as we’ll discuss next.

2. You Can Choose from Different Arch Style Steel Building Models for Unlimited, Customised Storage Potential

Unlike only having one or two basic storage unit sizes, Adaptive Steel Buildings has three different arch style metal building models to choose from:

  1. P-MODEL: a popular traditional house-shaped pitched roof with high sidewall clearance
  2. Q-MODEL: a round design most popular for farm, military, and industrial purposes
  3. S-MODEL: a rounded roof with high sidewall clearance for maximum vertical storage

Choose the model type that fits your needs best and then decide how large or small you want to go.

Widths and lengths vary, but the total length is your call, as it is unlimited.

You’ll be able to add arch increments to get your desired length and fit your property perfectly.

Customise your own storage shed, wood crafting space and garages for all your toys that don’t fit in your current garage (like your ATVs, vintage cars, gardening equipment, etc.).

And if you need more space, you can always go bigger by adding additional arches later on. Like when you get more cool stuff.

Space is endless in a steel arch style building since these structures are free from internal posts, beams, and trusses.

You have 100% usable open area to create your dream steel garage without any annoying structural framework to get in the way.

3. Steel Buildings are Rust Resistant, Fire Resistant, and Virtually Indestructible

High grade, heavy gauge steel building kits will definitely protect you from the zombie apocalypse, but most of our customers value its rust and fire resistance just as much.

Our prefab metal buildings are made of superior Galvalume® steel to give you seven times the rust resistance of regular galvanised steel.

The secret is the unique Galvalume process, which coats carbon steel with an aluminium-zinc alloy — and a small bit of silicon — to provide extra corrosion protection.

Arch style metal sheds made of Galvalume stay rust-free in all kinds of weather. Their coating lasts a very long time and outlasts regular galvanised coatings of the same thickness.

That means your shed will look as bright and shiny down the road as the day you first built it.

All our steel building kits come with a 25-year limited warranty against rust perforation that’s backed by the steel mill.

And if you’re worried about the risk of fire, you can take a breather knowing steel is non-combustible.

Unlike wood sheds or workshops, prefab steel buildings are fire-resistant and won’t feed a fire should one spark nearby.

4. Steel Quonset Huts are Easy to Build Even if You Lack Tools, Skills, or Muscles

As long as you have a few friends, coworkers, or begrudging family members for help, you can build your prefab metal garage or shed in a few days.

We typically despatch our steel building kits within a couple of weeks — and in many cases quicker — so you can get right to work.

You don’t need to hire any special labourers, rent any expensive lifting gear, or even beef up your power tool collection to make one yourself.

All you need is an existing concrete pad or a floating foundation to get started.

The components of your arch style metal garage have simple pre-drilled holes and a single-sized bolt you’ll use to fasten all the pieces together.

It literally doesn’t get any easier.

5. Prefab Metal Sheds Are a Green, Virtually Maintenance Free Storage Option

To decrease waste, the materials of your metal garage kit are made from recycled steel and can continue to be cycled for re-use in the future.

Quonset steel buildings are considered a great green choice because they leave a tiny environmental footprint compared to giant, lights-always-on, climate-controlled self-storage facilities.

Plus, your new metal shed requires basically zero maintenance to make your life easier. You never have to paint it, patch it, or worry about it at all.

Adaptive Steel Buildings is Your Place for Steel and Metal Building Kits

Our steel garages and sheds cost less, require no skilled labour, and give you 100% customisable open space for all your storage and work needs.

Take advantage of our factory-direct pricing and grab a free quote for your custom-sized steel Quonset today — NO obligation to buy ever!

Just fill out this form and we’ll give you an easy-to-read quote for your requirements.

So what are you going to use your arch style metal garage or shed for? We’d love to know!

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