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10 Signs It’s Time You Need to Build a Storage Shed

How do you know when it’s time to add more storage space to your property?

Sometimes it’s not as obvious as an overflowing closet or boxes stacked up high in your garage. 

Needing extra space can also mean struggling to find your belongings, stressing about where your relatives are going to stay when they’re in town, and protecting your vehicles and equipment from the natural elements.

A prefab metal storage shed not only solves your messy storage problems and alleviates unsightly clutter, it can also save you money, protect your investments, and reduce your anxiety.

Gain More Storage Space with an Arch Style Metal Shed or Building

Every homeowner can agree on one thing: wanting more storage space.

Most people turn to self-storage facilities to hold the items they need less frequently, but this can get pricey every month or even years down the road. And if you have to store items you need on a regular basis, it’s more than inconvenient.

That’s why many homeowners decide to build a prefab metal garage on their property.

These arch-style steel buildings, also known as Quonset huts, were originally used by the US military because they provided an affordable, easy-to-build solution for everything from barracks to hangars.

When they’re fastened together, these steel, semi-circular-shaped structures form an arch tall enough to accommodate RVs and all your storage needs.

Plus, arch-style sheds don’t have any centre beams or pillars that take up space inside. This means you have a 100% usable, protected area to work with and configure as you like.

So let’s talk about the 10 biggest signs it’s time to consider building your very own steel storage shed for your property:

1. Your Vehicles No Longer Fit In Your Garage

There are so many benefits to parking your car in the garage, from protecting your paint job to lowering your car insurance rates.

Yet many people can’t fit their cars in their garage due to all their other clutter crammed inside.

Cars parked in a garage are not only shielded from the weather, paint-fading summer sun, and ice and snowfall during the winter, they’re also hidden from vandalism and theft too.

When you build an arch-style metal shed, you’ll have two options for protecting your vehicles:

You can either customise a garage large enough to house all your cars, ATVs, bikes, boats, etc., or you can use your steel building for storage and actually get to use your garage for what it was intended for (your vehicles).

Either way, a metal storage shed (or even a steel carport) is the best answer and a win-win all around.

2. Storage Space Rentals in Your Area are Expensive

Everyone could use more storage — especially if there are several people living in your small space.

Instead of renting out a small, expensive storage unit at your local self-storage facility, you and your housemates can build a bigger, more affordable storage shed on your property.

You’ll be able to keep all your valuables where you can see them, avoid the traffic of driving to an off-site location, and get more usable space for less money.

While you get zero return on your monthly storage investment, a metal storage shed actually adds value to your property and can be disassembled and taken with you if you move elsewhere.

3. You Need to Repurpose Your Attic, Garage, Storage Closets, etc.

Your house is just as dynamic and ever-changing as your life. Rooms need to be repurposed for the curve balls thrown your way.

Changes like welcoming a new addition to your family, or housing your children post-university while they land their dream job, may force you to give up your storage space for other living arrangements.

So don’t let storage get in the way.

Turn your cellar/basement into a playroom for your grandchildren, or a guest room for when your kids are in town. Transform your attic into the home office or library you always wanted.

Building a prefab metal storage shed will allow you to house your belongings outside your home or garage so you can make room for memories and other new adventures inside.

4. You’re Considering Renting Part of Your Home

Many homeowners choose to supplement their income (and lower their mortgage payments) by renting out parts of their home.

Whether formal long-term leases or short-term Airbnb rentals, you may be thinking about renting out your garage apartment, mother-in-law suite, or basement for these same reasons.

But you’re probably also using these areas for storage.

A metal prefab shed will give you the extra space you need to store your belongings securely while other parts of your home are occupied. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your stuff is safe even when you’re not there.

5. Your Expensive Work Vehicles and Work Equipment Don’t Have a Permanent, Protective Home

Are you leaving your lawn equipment, ladders, tools, and other expensive gear outside to rust and disintegrate because your garage is too small or crowded?

You’re throwing away money if you’re not storing your vehicles and equipment inside where they’ll be protected from theft, weather, and animal damage.

A steel building or garage will offer a protective environment for your pricey home improvement tools and keep them on-site for when you need them most.

6. It’s Impossible to Get Any Work Done in Your Garage

A survey from Gladiator GarageWorks found that homeowners typically use their garages for:

  • Working on hobbies (27%)
  • Fixing cars (23%)
  • Woodworking, carpentry, crafts, etc. (19%)
  • Exercise and sports (13%)

But if your holiday decorations are stacked to the ceiling and bikes and sports equipment litter the floor, it may be virtually impossible to turn around let alone work in your garage.

So instead of shrinking your project list, or working outside under the hot sun, grab a metal storage shed kit and DIY your dream workshop space in a few days.

You’ll be able to design a designated area for your crafts, handiwork, and storage for all your equipment in an undisturbed, separate area of your property.

7. You Can Never Find What You’re Looking For When You Need It

Are you sick of constantly hunting for that one special item you need, but can’t seem to find?

Or maybe you know exactly where you stored it, but now it’s buried under weeks, or even months, of other stuff so you can’t get to it when you need it.

Situations like this make your projects take so much longer. You may even have to spend more money to replace an item you couldn’t locate just to keep your day moving.

Stop wasting all this time and money.

Even the most organised storage rooms need space to grow or else they’ll be prone to the clutter and overgrowth every garage eventually falls prey to.

Building your own steel storage shed will give you the extra space to organise all your belongings so you’ll always know where to find them.

8. You Need to Store a Lot of Large, Bulky Items

Sometimes it isn’t the small stuff you’re most worried about storing, but the large, unwieldy possessions you have the hardest time hiding.

Like antique furniture you plan to refinish and sell. Exercise equipment you bought but never get the chance to use. Sporting goods that don’t fit in closets (kayaks, skis, surfboards, etc.).

These big items don’t need to be around all the time and yet they’re always in the way because they have nowhere to go.

Building an arch-style metal storage shed will eliminate these bulky eyesores and free up tons of space in your garage.

Additionally, having these items on your property means you don’t have to figure out how to transport them to and from an off-site storage unit, which can be a major hassle.

9. You Have an Old Wooden Shed

Wooden sheds require a lot of maintenance or else they start to deteriorate and rot.

Besides the structural loss that comes with weather and time, wood sheds are also susceptible to warping, fire, termites, mould, rodents, and other vermin, which leave your belongings unprotected and easily damaged.

If you have one of these on your property, you’re probably in need of replacing it with a strong, durable steel shed by now.

Our Quonset huts are made of high grade, heavy gauge Galvalume® steel.

Each steel shed is virtually maintenance free, fire-resistant, and seven times more rust-resistant than regular galvanised steel so they’re built to last.

10. You Don’t Have Anywhere Else to Store Your Belongings

What if you don’t have a garage or basement on your property?

Don’t resort to storing grandma’s blankets in your oven and your work tools under your bed.

We have three different arch style metal building models to choose from to create a totally customised storage solution for your property.

You decide the total length of your steel shed by adding rows of arches until you reach the desired length and fit for your yard. This also means you can add on more arches down the road if you need additional storage.

Find the Best Metal Storage Shed for Your Storage Needs

Whether you’ve ticked off one or several reasons from today’s list, you have several storage options when you choose a steel shed from Adaptive Steel Buildings.

Prefab steel garages and sheds cost less, require no skilled labour, and give you 100% customisable open space for all your storage and work needs.

Our metal buildings fit all sorts of property sizes and budgets so we’ll have exactly what you’re looking to accomplish.

Don’t let the stress of clutter and a lack of storage or space keep you from having the clean, organised home or workspace you want and deserve.

Take advantage of our factory-direct pricing and grab a free quote for your custom-sized steel Quonset today — NO obligation to buy ever!

Just fill out this form and we’ll give you an easy-to-read quote based on your requirements.

So what are you excited to use your arch style metal garage or shed for? We’d love to know!

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