Our Nissen hut & Quonset hut inspired arch steel frame buildings are not only tough but they usually also result in many thousands of pounds of savings due to the prefabricated, preformed and pre-drilled bolt-together arched design, as well as being direct from the factory.

4 reasons to choose our steel frame buildings

steel frame buildings prices

Our steel frame buildings cost less

Due to the ​Nissan hut arch-style design and prefabricated nature of our steel frame buildings, you can receive huge savings on your steel building. This on top of being direct from the factory.

steel structure buildings

Delivered and erected in only a few weeks

Your building is already in stock waiting for you! Once ordered, it can often be on site within a couple of weeks, and due to being preformed and pre-drilled, can be erected within days.

metal buildings heavy gauge

Virtually indestructible and fire resistant

Buildings are made of heavy gauge steel with an exceptional corrugation that performs like thousands of reinforcing beams, giving immense strength.  Buildings are also fire resistant.

clear span interior

Total usable space with no beams or posts

Our steel frame buildings are completely clear span. There are no posts or beams meaning total use of the interior space with no obstructions or unusable area whatsoever.

Why steel frame buildings are the smart choice

steel frame buildings in the UK

Steel frame buildings have changed the construction industry over the years, with them now becoming a cost-effective, strong and durable choice. A steel frame building is created with a steel frame outer shell, as opposed to other common designs, such as concrete or wood.  

The benefits of a steel frame design are many. This includes cost, speed of assembly, durability and more. It is generally accepted that steel buildings cost substantially less than standard buildings, such as concrete. This is typically because steel frame buildings are prefabricated, which means they require less time-consuming labour-hours when on-site. The majority of the work on site is simply erecting the steel frame. Whereas, a more traditional concrete building requires more construction workers, working longer hours to build it out of bricks and cement.

In fact, our steel building kit goes one step further, as they are a prefabricated building with an arch-configuration. The steel building kit arrives on site on pallets and can be erected with breath-taking speed, whereas a portal frame takes considerably longer. There’s no cement mixing or bricklaying, as the pre-drilled panels are simply bolted together without any fuss or heaving lifting gear required. In fact, a small to medium sized steel structure can be erected within only a few days with just a few workers. This lowers costs substantially.

Steel frame buildings are known for being incredibly strong and durable, as well as being able to withstand harsh weather conditions. However, our steel structures take it to the next level. They are designed to withstand hurricanes, typhoons, cyclones and even earthquakes. On top of this, the special steel alloy used is seven times more rust-resistant than galvanised steel and don’t require any regular maintenance.

Our steel frame buildings are also incredibly safe. They are fire-resistant, so if the unthinkable does happen, your building will still be standing. As well as this the steel framed buildings are designed so that they keep vermin out.

Although the environmental benefits of steel aren't the first thing that comes to mind, steel frame buildings are in fact an excellent choice for a greener planet. When using a traditional material, such as concrete and bricks, they can’t be reused. However, steel certainly can be recycled and reused. It is also energy efficient as it both reflects and retains heat.

Finally, steel frame buildings are easy to modify. Additional sections can easily be added. This is especially true of our steel framed buildings, as the arch-configuration means additional rows can simply be bolted-on at any time in the future.

Based on the Nissen hut and Quonset hut design

Nissen hut and quonset hut illustration

The majority of metal buildings are based on the same type of design; a primary/secondary framing system, covered by flimsy sheeting (i.e. portal frame). These traditional buildings are considerably weaker than our Nissen hut inspired arched buildings, as well as being considerably more expensive to purchase. Erecting those buildings is also a much greater task, taking a great deal longer and usually requiring heavy lifting gear (such as a crane) – both factors obviously increasing the price further still.

Our Nissen hut and Quonset hut (sometimes misspelt Nissan hut and Quanset hut) configuration steel buildings are stronger, cost less and last considerably longer. They are also almost indestructible, fire resistant, have 100% open space, 7 times more rust-resistant than galvanised, virtually maintenance free (not requiring painting or requiring any external fittings) and can be unlimited in length. If you were originally considering a steel portal frame, you may now wish to reconsider and choose a Nissen hut building. As Nissen hut suppliers, we have various sizes and designs of nissen hut for sale.

Nissen and Quonset style buildings are unique because they are based on an arch configuration. There are two simple elements to this arch design building. The first one is the arches and the second; the endwalls. The arch comes in differing widths and heights but is always 2’ in depth. By adding each arch, this increases the length of the building. There is absolutely no limit on the number of arches that can be added. That’s right; lengths are unlimited! Finally, the endwalls are added on the front and rear of the building.

An Overview of our most popular steel frame uses

If you’re on the lookout for affordable, high-quality steel frame, you’ve come to the right place. Respected for our low-cost, innovative, versatile and robust designs, Steel Buildings Direct offers an array of products to suit a wide range of clients. Whether you’re searching for a new metal workshop or you’re on the hunt for a metal storage building, we can help. Here is an overview of our top 8 product uses.

A metal workshop is the perfect structure for tasks or storage

metal workshop

A metal workshop is a popular use of our unique steel frame buildings. If you’re requiring an industrial building for heavy-duty work or an amateur mechanic in lighter environment, perhaps you have an interest in crafts, DIY or woodwork or you require a metal workshop for other professional purposes, our innovative workshop buildings may be just what you’re looking for.

Our steel workshops are suitable for a wide range of clients, and we provide usable space and storage facilities for both amateurs and professionals. You may need a steel workshop to store electrical equipment or tools, or you may need space to create custom carpentry designs or carry out auto repairs, engineering work or general car maintenance. Whatever the reason you’re searching for a metal workshop for sale, we are confident that we can deliver. Our steel frame metal workshops are durable, safe and secure and they also represent excellent value for money.

We provide prefabricated metal parts direct from the factory to save time and money, and the revolutionary arch design means that assembly is incredibly simple. We can customise designs to alter the length very easily by adding rows to the original plans to ensure every customer gets exactly what they want. The arch design we use for our metal workshops and garages increases the strength and stability of the building, so you won’t ever have to worry about safety while you work or investing in a structure that cannot stand up to the elements. If you’re interested in our metal workshops for sale or you’re keen to learn more about metal workshop prices, then be sure to get in touch.

Choose a metal garage to protect your vehicles and other assets

metal garage

If you're needing a solid garage solution, a metal garage provides an extremely useful space for both commercial and residential clients. We recommend a steel garage for commercial clients looking for an inexpensive and effective way of storing vehicles and other items safely.

Also, if you have a car or a van that is currently subjected to adverse weather conditions or you need more space at your residential premises, and you’re looking for a simple and affordable means of increasing storage, a metal garage could be a fantastic addition to your property. Our metal garages are made from high-quality materials, which are designed to provide a robust resistance to changing weather conditions and keep your assets safe and dry. At Steel Buildings Direct, we pride ourselves on offering our clients something different. Our garages for sale, including our steel garages, feature an arch configuration based on the Nissen Hut design with rows of prefabricated metal parts fused together to form a durable, stable structure that caters for all your needs. We can alter the size of the steel garage to suit your preferences, and we guarantee the best prices. If you need a metal garage quickly or you’re looking for an affordable alternative to conventional garage designs, why not give us a call and find out more about the metal garages for sale at Steel Buildings Direct?

An aircraft hangar for helicopters and light aircraft

Aircraft hangar

Are you searching for a secure, safe aircraft hangar? Are you looking for a hangar that could be used to house a light aircraft, a helicopter, a glider or even a commercial or military fleet?

Our airport hangars are ideal for anyone who is on the hunt for a sturdy, versatile metal storage building, which can be customised to suit the individual client. Our steel frame buildings are not the same as other storage units, sheds, or aircraft hangars. Our buildings feature a unique, innovative arch design, which maximises usable space, reduces the cost and ensures a hassle-free, swift assembly process.

Our hangars are made from prefabricated metal parts, which are supplied direct from the factory. If you order a metal aircraft hangar from us, you’re guaranteed the best quality at the lowest prices. Our hangars are incredibly versatile, and we cater for individuals, businesses and organisations looking to store a range of different aircraft. Whether you’re searching for a new home for a helicopter or you need an aircraft hangar for a glider, our steel frame aeroplane hangars are ideal. We provide space for the vehicle, as well as additional room for an office, flying equipment or storage. Call us today to find out more about aircraft hangar prices and the range of steel frame buildings we have on offer.

Highly durable and secure metal sheds for commercial and residential use

metal sheds

Metal sheds provide essential storage space for many of us. Whilst our steel sheds are popular with businesses, they are also popular with residential buyers. Whether you’re a keen gardener, you have children’s toys you’re keen to keep safe until next summer, or you need space to store tools, furniture or equipment you use for work or leisure purposes, metal storage sheds may be an excellent investment.

When you buy a steel shed, you’re looking for usable space and durability, and our steel sheds offer both in spades. Our galvanised sheds were originally developed in Canada where adverse weather conditions are par for the course, and the high-quality steel we use can withstand even the harshest conditions. Our metal sheds offer longevity, but they also provide enhanced functionality due to the arch configuration based on the Nissen Hut design. With our metal sheds, there are no internal posts or pillars, which eat up room, and you can use the entire space. The steel structures we use are built to battle almost any challenge imaginable. They are weatherproof and fireproof, and they will provide an impenetrable safe haven for any possessions or machinery you wish to store. The simple configuration enables rapid assembly, so if you need a steel shed fast, whether you’re looking for small or large metal sheds, you’ve come to the right place. Are you searching for metal sheds for sale? If so, get in touch and find out more about how we could help you find the perfect metal shed.

Metal storage offers a highly secure and strong storage solution

metal storage

If you’re looking for metal storage that will stand the test of time and provide you with plenty of open space for a wide range of purposes, look no further.

At Steel Buildings Direct, we offer metal storage buildings that can be used as shelters for haulage vehicles or classic cars, motorbikes, carports or shelters for racing cars, garages or additional room for general storage purposes. Our steel frame buildings can be assembled rapidly, and the innovative arch design makes our structures unique. As our metal storage buildings are prefabricated, the process of ordering and constructing the metal storage building is incredibly short, simple and hassle-free. If you need metal storage quickly and you don’t want to spend a fortune, we have the perfect options for you. Our steel frame storage buildings are stronger than conventional designs, so you’ll be investing in a product that lasts. The simple assembly process and the small number of prefabricated parts drives down costs without compromising quality, so you get the best of both worlds with your metal storage. If you’re looking for metal storage buildings kits prices or you’d like to find out more about the metal storage buildings for sale at Steel Buildings Direct, give us a call today!

Farm buildings for various agricultural and equestrian use

farm buildings

Our agricultural buildings provide a range of uses for farmers and agricultural businesses. Farm buildings made of steel are more sturdy and resilient than structures made from other materials and the design concepts we use for our farm buildings for sale enhance both functionality and durability.

With our metal farm buildings, you can enjoy a safe and secure place for livestock or take advantage of a versatile storage space for machinery, tools, equipment, hay, straw, and silage. Our farm buildings can also be used as grain stores or even converted into indoor stables and other equestrian buildings such as an indoor equestrian school. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality, affordable agricultural sheds, which are built to last. Our designs were developed in Canada, a country, which is no stranger to harsh conditions, and our agricultural barns provide a protective shield against high winds, torrential downpours and even cyclones and hurricanes.

If you’re looking for a dutch barn, then we have the perfect solution. Our arched buildings are vermin and fire proof and therefore make the perfect dutch barn shed. The same applies to buyers looking for a pole barn or cattle shed. In fact, our buildings make an excellent option for buildings such as cattle sheds as they can be erected so cheaply and quickly without skilled labour. If you’re out in the wilds of the moors or the depths of the valleys and you need a structure that will defy the conditions, our metal farm buildings are an ideal choice. Our agricultural buildings are not just sturdy and tough. They are also unique in their design. The innovative arch configuration we use maximises available space, with no internal pillars or beams. This means that once the structure is in place, you have full use of every available inch. Our agricultural sheds are also leak-proof, fireproof and they can be customised to suit your individual preferences. Call us today to find out more about farm buildings on sale and get some quotes for agricultural buildings prices.

Industrial buildings for the toughest of uses in the toughest environments

industrial buildings

With our industrial buildings, you can enjoy a versatile space, which is suited to a range of functions. Our buildings are immensely durable and therefore are perfectly suited to heavily industrial environments. If you run a business and you need additional storage space, you’re searching for a secure place to store sensitive materials or chemicals, or you need more space to carry out tasks such as vehicle dismantling, allow us to introduce you to our industrial units.

Our industrial buildings for sale are virtually indestructible, and they offer a broad spectrum of benefits. Our industrial steel buildings are not like any others on the market. We utilise an innovative arch design, which maximises internal space, reduces assembly and construction time and increases durability. The industrial buildings for sale on our website have been developed based on research and design and manufacturing trials conducted in Canada, a country famed for its changeable weather conditions. Our steel industrial buildings are resistant to even the harshest weather conditions, and they are also fireproof. The steel we use for our industrial steel buildings up to seven times more resistant to rust than galvanised steel, and our industrial buildings don’t require guttering or drainpipes due to the arch shape. Maintenance is minimal, and it takes just weeks to go from placing an order to using your brand new industrial building. Our industrial unit build cost is amongst the lowest available. If you’re looking for a new industrial building for sale, be sure to request a quote from us.

Commercial buildings for a wide variety of applications

commercial buildings

Our commercial buildings have a diverse range of uses, and they are suitable for a multitude of businesses and organisations. Our commercial steel buildings are ideal for companies on the hunt for affordable premises, which boast open spaces and longevity.

If you’re looking for a building to use as an office or an administrative base, you need warehouse or storage space, you plan to open a store or shop, or you run a garage and you’re keen to expand, our commercial steel frame buildings may be just the ticket. With a metal commercial building, you can guarantee stability, as our designs use the finest quality materials that have been tried and tested under extreme weather conditions. Our commercial buildings are fireproof and fully waterproof, and they are also scalable. We can customise your design and adjust the length by adding additional rows, and you can choose from temporary or permanent structures. The arch structure used in our commercial storage units enables you to take full advantage of the square-footage, as there are no internal beams or posts. Maintenance is also minimal, and there are no gutters to clear or blocked drainpipes to worry about. Our commercial steel buildings can be ordered and constructed in a matter of weeks, as we use prefabricated parts, which are brought to you straight from the factory. Our mission is always to provide you with the best quality commercial buildings at the lowest prices.

If you’re looking for robust, functional steel framed buildings at affordable prices, what are you waiting for? We have a broad spectrum of buildings available and our unique designs offer versatility, durability and scope to take advantage of every inch of space available.


Our steel frame buildings in an arch-configuration cost substantially less than traditional buildings. Click below to get a free, no obligation quotation.