Our steel frame buildings have prices that are typically considerably less than our competitors' lower quality traditional portal frame buildings due to our prefabricated simple bolt-together design.

Steel frame buildings that are different

These steel frame buildings are completely different to a traditional portal frame. They are based on the Nissen hut and Quonset hut design and instead they rely on an arch-configuration with no separate framing. This is not only stronger and more durable than portal frames and metal sheeting designs, but also costs considerably less. This is partly because it is prefabricated and partly because this steel frame construction can be erected so quickly and easily.

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Costs less to build


There are two main reasons why an arched building costs substantially less than a traditional option. Firstly, it is prefabricated with considerably less parts. Secondly, the simple bolt-together design can be erected quickly by a small team.

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Build within days


An arch steel building can be delivered to site and fully operational within a few weeks of being ordered. The preformed and pre-drilled arch systems only requires a small team with no requirement for a crane – saving further money!

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No beams or posts


Thanks to the arch-design, these buildings offer complete usable space with no obstructions from beams, pillars or posts. This is because the arches act as both the framework and the outer skin, thus not requiring these impediments.

Why choose steel frame buildings

Steel frame buildings have become the building of choice for many businesses because they are extremely cost-effective, fast to construct and very robust. Steel as a material is an excellent choice compared to other materials for many reasons, not least because it is so versatile. Whether you are looking for a metal workshop or an aircraft hangar, steel frame buildings offer the perfect solution.

There are many reasons for choosing a steel frame building. Perhaps the biggest reason is that they cost so much less than other types of building like a portal frame. The reason for this is that, as a steel building kit, they are typically prefabricated which results in less worker-hours on-site. Unlike, say a brick building, there is no requirement for bricklaying or related processes. Instead it is just a case of erecting the building. 

An arch steel building is even quicker to construct

With an arch steel building, it takes it to another level. As well as being prefabricated, each building has a simple bolt-together system that doesn’t even require on-site welding. There isn’t the complication or primary and secondary frames, with sheeting on top. Instead the buildings are simply small pieces that are bolted together to create an arch, then that arch is bolted to the next arch. It is incredibly fast and doesn’t even require a crane. The building can be erected in days, unlike more traditional buildings that can take months.

Built to cope with earthquakes and more

Whilst steel frame buildings are respected for their strength, arch buildings are in a different league. They were originally designed in Canada to deal with the harsh conditions there. The arches act like thousands of beams, making the buildings strong enough so that they can deal with earthquakes, hurricanes and other types of severe weather. The steel is a special alloy that is 7-times as resistant as galvanised steel.

Fire-resistant and vermin-proof

The arch building design is also fire-resistant, as there is no combustible secondary material, such as wood – the building is completely made of strong metal. Another benefit is that the building are also vermin-proof.

Steel has various environmental benefits

A fact that is often surprising is that steel frame buildings have environmental benefits. When constructing buildings with more traditional materials, such as bricks, the materials cannot be reused. Steel, on the other hand, is able to be recycled for future use. It also able to retain heat and reflect it.

Easy to modify in the future

Steel frame buildings are simple to alter later. For example, the building might need to be extended. This is a relatively simple process to complete with steel. In fact, steel arch buildings make this even easier, as it is simply a case of bolting additional rows of arches to the existing building. It is just as easy to remove arches and the building can even be relocated if required.

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steel building kit

Buildings based on the Nissen hut & Quonset hut

These buildings have a unique design that results in costing considerably less than traditional alternatives. As well as being fast to build, they are also practically indestructible, fire-resistant, several times more rust-resistant than galvanised and effectively maintenance free.

nissen hut

These steel frame buildings are arch-styled and based on the Nissen hut and Quonset hut models. This results in many benefits, including costing considerably less. Conversely, traditional metal buildings are based on a structure with a primary and secondary framing system with a metal sheeting over the top. These traditional buildings have considerably more parts and involve a major construction project. The building itself is considerably costlier, as well as the substantial costs of construction.

Arch steel buildings are prefabricated and have considerably less parts than traditional alternatives. The simple bolt-together construction requires less workers and is extremely fast to erect. As well as this, no heavy lifting gear is required. These Nissen and Quonset hut style buildings are special because of the easy-bolt-together arch design. Delivered to site on small pallets (creating further savings), several pieces are bolt-together to create a single arch. Then, the same process is repeated to create the next arch, and this is then bolted to the preceding arch. By adding multiple arches together, this creates the length of buildings – which can be unlimited. Once this process is completed, the end walls are added to the front and rear of the building, including any other openings or doors.

 These overlapping arches simulate the framing of the building and are considerably stronger than traditional steel frame buildings. As well as this, they don’t require any external parts such as guttering or drainpipes, as the arches channel rain and snow away from the building. This means, less maintenance is required on the buildings over the years. These Nissen hut/Quonset hut steel frame buildings (occasionally incorrectly called Quanset hut and Nissan hut) are also made with a special steel that is immensely resistant and does not require regularly painting like other buildings.

100% usable space with no beams, trusses or posts

The clever arch-configuration means that the entire internal space within the buildings is clear span. There is no framework getting in the way, instead the entire space is open.

This is achieved because the arches act as the framework of the buildings, making them incredibly strong and durable. You are therefore free to use the space exactly as you choose, with nothing getting in your way... literally!

steel structure

Buildings are practically indestructible

In stark contrast to traditional steel frame buildings, these arch buildings don’t incorporate an independent framing system. Instead, the arch design involves a clever corrugation that acts like many strong and reinforcing beams. This makes the building incredibly resilient. In fact, they were originally designed in Canada to cope with severe weather conditions, from typhoons to tornadoes and from earthquakes to cyclone.

Also, these arch steel buildings are totally fire resistant as they contain no other combustible parts. They are also vermin-proof, have wind and snow loadings suitable for the UK, as well as meeting applicable building codes/requirements.

Steel buildings with a special rust-resistant alloy

Many traditional buildings are made of cheap imported metal. At the opposite end of the scale, the arch building is made of a very special type of steel called Galvalume®. This superior metal is an incredible seven-times more resistant against rust than galvanised steel. This commercial-grade steel is effectively impenetrable. 

Galvalume® is applied at the mill and is added as a coating on the steel substrate. Galvalume® is a mixture of Aluminium (55 percent), Zinc (43 percent), and Silicon (2 percent). It produces an oxide film that is extremely resistant to corrosion, amalgamated with zinc with its sacrificial action. This inclusion of this incredible material, not only results in significantly increasing the life of this steel frame construction, but also doesn’t require the regular painting that inferior products do.

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Built within a matter of days

The beauty of an arch steel building is that it isn’t a complex building project, as is usually the case with traditional steel frame options. Buildings can be delivered to site within a couple of weeks and erected in a matter of days. Even huge warehouse sized buildings can be built within weeks rather months. This is because the arch configuration, with its simple bolt-together system, is incredibly quick to erect. 

This not only means a building can be operational in a considerably shorter period of time, but also results in substantial savings in construction costs. Put simply; there are less workers required, who are on-site for a much shorter amount of time. As well as this, there is no requirement for heavy lifting equipment, such as a crane. In most cases, a scissor lift is more than sufficient.

Common uses for these steel frame buildings

Are you searching for steel frame buildings produced to the highest level of quality at prices that are lower than traditional options? We are known for offering an eclectic range of different steel frame construction products with creative, structurally strong designs and cost-friendly price tags. With versatile products, customers are able to find the right steel frame building whether that is a huge warehouse or a large metal shed for storage. With that in mind, take a look at the eight most popular uses for arched steel buildings.

Metal storage provides a safe and secure option

metal storage

If you have been searching for metal storage that is durable and provides you with enough space for any use you can think of, you’ve found the number one resource you need. Arch steel buildings can be used for general business storage, to house a wide range of assets from stock, equipment, vehicles and much more. This metal storage can be used as a garage, a shelter for the vehicles away from the elements or an extra level of security for business fleets. With a unique arch design, these metal storage buildings have a wonderful aesthetic, and their rapid assembly ensures that they can be put up with ease. Since these metal storage buildings are all prefabricated, it means turn around and build times remain low, ensuring that you get the product you want when you need it. The innovative arch design of these metal storage buildings do not just provide a pleasing aesthetic. They are stronger than most other metal storage options and will certainly stand the test of time, no matter how they are used. As such, you can guarantee that when you buy this type of metal storage, you will be investing in a product that will last. You might be wondering how costs are kept so low for these steel storage building kits? Well, since the parts are prefabricated expenses can be reduced and the quality still maintained. If you are interested in discovering more about the prices of metal storage or you want to learn more about the products that are on offer, complete the form on our contact page.

An aircraft hangar for small and medium sized aircraft

aircraft hangar

We know that an aircraft hangar (airplane hangar) needs to be both safe and secure. We are also aware that a hangar can be used to store a huge selection of different aircrafts from a glider or helicopter to a massive fleet of commercial vehicles. The arch steel building caters for a wide range of different clients, from owners of light aircraft to major international logistics companies, airlines, airports and even the military. This aircraft hangar using the arch-configuration is incredibly versatile, and can be customised to suit any and all clients. The arch hangar is designed to withstand harsh weather conditions, meaning your valuable asset will remain safe. This type of aircraft hangar is a cut above the rest. With the unique arch design, this allows clients to use the largest amount of space while also ensuring a quick and easy assembly. With prefabricated parts produced during production, it guarantees a high-quality airplane hangar at the lowest possible cost. All parts of these aircraft hangars are supplied directly from the factory so you can trust that each part has been through a thorough quality check. These hangars are used by an eclectic range of clients who are looking for the perfect hangar to store a glider, a helicopter or even multiple commercial jets. With customised designs, these hangars can also provide office space for you as well as areas for any equipment you need and storage. Make sure you complete the form on our contact us page to learn more about these aircraft hangars.

A metal workshop from personal to heavy industrial use

metal workshop

One of the most common uses for versatile steel frame buildings with an arch-design is as a metal workshop. Whether you are working as a mechanic, completing DIY or just have an interest in crafts, you might find these steel frame buildings could be perfect for your metal workshop. This could be true if you want a place to work professionally or an area for personal use. Many of these metal workshops for sale are used for everything from car repairs to producing handcrafted products. Clients can feel reassured that these steel workshops will withstand the elements and remain safe while they are being used. With simple and fast assembly, prefabricated metal parts and a smart arch design, costs remain low while a superior build is a guarantee. Designs can be fully customised to ensure that customers can get exactly what they want or require. As well as this, the arch design is perfect for providing a high level of stability for the steel workshop, ensuring clients will never need to worry about whether their building is safe or secure. Get in contact today for more information about these praised metal workshops and key details about the design being used.

A metal garage for protecting vehicles and other assets

metal garage

Metal garages are popular with both homeowners and business owners. Commercial and residential clients benefit from investing in a safe, secure and durable place to store cars, vans and business fleets with protection from the worst of the weather. For homeowners, a metal garage can be the perfect place to both store the car under cover and also add an extra level of storage to the home. Business owners can also benefit from a cheap way to store their vehicles in a safe manner. With a durable design, these steel garages are built to be weather resistant and robust enough to withstand all of the elements. As such, using a steel garage you can take comfort in knowing that your car or valuables in storage will be kept dry and safe. You will also be pleased to hear that these metal garages can be custom built to suit your individual needs. You might need a smaller steel garage for one car or a larger metal garage for additional storage. You can be provided with the building that will suit all your needs. With the best prices on the market for a metal garage that can be assembled quickly to meet demand, you can receive the solution you’re looking for. The arch design that is based partially on the Nissen hut design ensures durability so get in contact today to find more about your future metal garage.

Steel sheds suitable for residential and commercial users

steel sheds

Steel sheds, whilst being perfect for use at home, are especially suitable for commercial use. Large metal sheds are available, as well as smaller residential options. Whether you are looking for a steel shed for use at your business, these arch-style buildings are a great choice. Through the winter, you can also use a metal shed to store some of the products and items in at your premises, that you want to keep safe from the worst of the weather. If you are buying a metal shed, you will want to make sure that it matches your needs for space and ensure that it is going to last for years. These steel sheds were previously designed in Canada, and as such, they can withstand the harshest winter weather that Britain can offer. The level of durability that these metal sheds offer is partly due to the fact they are based on the Nissen Hut design. Specifically, the arch design that ensures clients get the best use of space and also provides an extra level of stability. Since these steel sheds can be put up quickly, turn around time and completion is rapid. So, if you are looking for Nissen hut suppliers and want a steel shed before the winter winds arrive, set up and ready for storage, fill in the contact form and discover the right steel shed for your facility.

Steel farm buildings with simple bolt-together assembly

steel farm buildings

Agricultural steel frame buildings are incredibly popular with business owners in the agricultural industry and farm owners alike. There are a wide range of materials that can be used to build storage structures for farming. However, steel farm buildings provide a level of stability, safety and security that cannot be disputed. From tools and equipment to straw and manure, or even livestock, these agricultural steel buildings can be used to store a wide range of different farming products and materials. Since these steel farm buildings are incredibly versatile, they can even be converted to keep horses in stables or used as grain stores. With a high-quality build, it can guarantee that these cost friendly steel framed agricultural buildings will keep everything safe from the elements. As these steel farm buildings were originally conceived in Canada, they can withstand the test of anything the weather can bring. Harsh rain, horrendous thunderstorms and snow will not impact the stability, nor the durability of the storage buildings available. Agricultural businesses can also benefit from these building designs with an arch shape that allows every inch of space to be used. As well as keeping the rain out our buildings are also completely fireproof and totally customisable.

Industrial steel buildings that are almost indestructible

industrial steel buildings

Clients can use these steel frame buildings for a wide range of different industrial purposes, from gaining extra space for storage to keeping dangerous chemicals safe and secure. As well as this, the industrial steel buildings being provided can grant space for various processes, from something as simple as packaging to something as complex as taking a car apart. With a highly durable design, the steel industrial buildings can be used for absolutely anything you can think of in the industrial business world. Available are industrial steel framed buildings that are unique from any other on the market, due to the creative and clever arch design that allows for all the space to be used effectively. As well as this, a short assembly time means that the buildings can be put up as soon as you need them. All the designs were conceived and produced based on designs that were originally tried and tested in Canada. As such, you can guarantee that the industrial steel building will endure any type of weather that you can think of. The buildings are seven times less likely to rust compared to a similar material like galvanised steel. As well as this, the shape of the building means that guttering is not necessary and maintenance needs are kept low. Industrial steel buildings are a cost-effective and durable choice.

Commercial steel buildings for a huge variety of uses

commercial steel buildings

Business clients choose commercial steel buildings for a wide range of different uses. As such, they are popular with an extensive list of companies and organisations, that benefit from the extra space and security that they provide. Many clients find that commercial steel buildings are the perfect way to expand the size of their company, whether you need spaces for offices (steel frame office buildings are an extremely cost-effective choice), or the storage of your stock. You can use these to open a shop, even set up a fully functional garage. The choice is entirely up to you. With a high-quality build and materials that will withstand the elements, as well as the test of time, you can trust that these commercial steel frame buildings will last for as long as you need them to. These commercial buildings are also completely customisable, ensuring you get the exact product needed. You might need additional space or a smaller building to add to your large business property. Either way, you will be provided with the solution with minimal levels of maintenance, on any and all products being offered. With the overall goal of offering the best quality metal buildings at the lowest possible cost, the aim is to provide a product that all business owners can trust and rely on. Commercial steel buildings make commercial sense, so if you are interested in investing in a commercial building, complete the form on our contact page for a quote or more information.

So, are you searching for high-quality steel frame buildings that will support all your needs at an excellent value for money? Then look no further than the outstanding arch steel building range. Find out more by completing the form below.

Unlimited lengths available

Our buildings come with the ability to have unlimited lengths. This is because the unique design of the buildings ensures they maintain their incredible strength, irrespective of the length. Buildings can also have their length further increased at any point in the future.

long steel frame building

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We are not a high-priced middleman and our buildings are shipped to you direct. It's true that most companies choose to sell fewer quantities of steel buildings but at a higher price, making more profit from your steel frame construction. However, our philosophy is to sell higher volumes, making a modest profit on your building. Let’s face it, price is really important to you and often a key reason you will choose us over a competitor.

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  • From small metal garages up to huge industrial facilities
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  • Virtually maintenance free steel frame construction
  • Extensive warranty included
  • 7 times more rust resistant than galvanised
  • ​Protection against strong wind and heavy snow loads


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